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  1. My dog has a white bump on her leg?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a 5 year old female chihuahua. A few days ago I noticed a white bump on her leg. She has never had this before so I’m worried, as I do not know what this is. I’m not sure if this requires immediate attention (due to COVID-19 I’d rather not leave the house unless absolutely...

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have just seen this on my dogs stomach and I’m very worried, I can not get to vet u til tomorrow morning! It is quite hard and dark in colour. Please help I’m u sure of what it is and it’s stressing me out
  3. Chihuahua - Mitral Valve Disease

    Dog Health
    Hi Group: I'm new here. My 12 year old male Chihuahua (Shafera) recently was diagnosed with a heart murmur (grade 3). I took him to the Cardiologist for a full work-up - everything was fine (bloodwork fine, BP great, resting heart rate, great, etc.) - however, the Echo shows a "leaky valve"...
  4. Cute Chihuahua Custom T-Shirts

    Dog Art
    Hey guys, I made some custom T-shirts and I didn't know where to post them... It has a cute chihuahua on it so I decided to post it here. This is my original work, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could support me!
  5. Whining dog problems

    General Dog Discussion
    I didn't really know what to title this because I am new here. I never planned on joining a dog forum since I only have one dog and once he is gone I am done with dogs. But at this point, I am desperate! A little backstory, my dogs name is Peanut. He is a long haired chihuahua who is approx. 7...
  6. What type of dog is puppy’s dad?

    Mom dog is a chihuahua/lab mix and the dad is either a German Shepherd, lab/Pitbull mix, or boxer. I’ll post images of the litter, let me know who you think dad is?! The mom gave birth to 11 puppies, 3 died in he first couple of days, the 8 other just turned 4 weeks old (as seen in pictures)...
  7. Does this spay incision look infected?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I recently got my chihuahua "Lucy" spayed on 2/24/2018. I've never had a dog that wasn't already spayed/neutered when I adopted it, so this is my first time going thorugh the recovery/healing process with a pet. So this is I guess the beginning of her third day out of surgery. I took...
  8. Itchy old chihuahua. Vet can't/won't help?

    Dog Health
    I apologize beforehand for the long post but I'm trying to add all the details I can to help my baby! I adopted a 10 month old rat terrier chihuahua when I lived in Oklahoma in 2010. Upon adopting her they informed me she had a "skin condition" and needed "one more treatment". I was young, just...
  9. Toshi's Intro

    Hi everyone! Toshi and I are thrilled to be here and are looking forward to some friendly chats.:) Toshi is the first pup of my adult life and we've been together for just a couple of days. He's a Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier mix.
  10. Has anyone's dog ever had spinal meningitis? My 4lb chihuahua was dx w/ it a week agp

    Dog Health
    Her name is Missy and she was diagnosed with a week and 2 days with it and her Sx has got a little better but I read articles, forums, facebook groups and a lot of dogs who has beaten this disease seem to have gone back to normal after a few days of treatment. Mine can walk again and doesn't go...
  11. 5 y/o chihuahua has become very aggresive and drew blood from a bite for the 1st time

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! Very new here, hopefully I am in the right place! My story/question is a bit long.. but here I go. I have two dogs, both chihuahuas. One is full (Oreo) other is chihuahua/papillion (Blitz). They are brothers and I have had them since they were born. Blitz has always been the...
  12. New Chihuahua Owner!

    Hi my name is Mario! I am so happy to join your forums! I have a cute Chihuahua puppy named Yoshi! He is always farting haha! So we made a funny Christmas video about it to make you laugh! I hope you like it haha! Merry Christmas!
  13. Can I take my puppy out after second vaccine?

    Dog Health
    I have a long haired Chihuahua puppy named Koda and he received his first shot at 8 weeks like you're supposed to but he didn't receive his second until today at 14 weeks (late I know) and so far I've only walked him around the yard but I was wondering, now that he's had his second shot, in a...
  14. New chihuahua puppy! My first small breed.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, my husband recently surprised me with the most adorable long haired Chihuahua puppy, whom I've named Koda (a.k.a Koda Bear) since I have been asking for a small breed for a couple years now. He's AKC registered and he was born on August 19th so he's almost 10 weeks old now! I've done some...
  15. Help! My 2 y.o. rescue chihuahua wont stop peeing!

    Hello, everyone! I am a new foster mom to my sweet little chihuahua female Jessa. She is believed to be about 2 years old, and due to her having heartworms apparently her old family gave her up. :( I just moved to Dallas and started fostering her exactly one week ago, and I love her very much...
  16. Need to identifier if is chiwawa

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, i meet someone selling dog on the street and I will need a little help to identifier is this dog is really a Chihuahua like the merchant say. Please see attachement.
  17. Hi there!

    Hey there! I'm new here :) I'm Maya. I'm 13 years old and I own 2 dogs (and a cat haha)! Peanut is a 7 yr old deaf Chihuahua x. He did agility in the past, but never compete. He did a few demos at fairs though! Peanut can get his NTD, ITD and ATD title (I'm just too cheap to order them! haha)...
  18. Help... Chihuahua & pitbull not getting along

    New Additions
    Until my boyfriend & I have a new place to live I took my 8 week old pitbull to moms house so that I can keep an eye on him during the day. My chihuahua Bella is very jealous towards him, and when he exhibits playful behavior she snaps and growls at him. He is clearly being playful not...
  19. Hello All!

    Hello all dog lovers.... How are you? I have 4 chihuahua dogs and 2 pom dogs. I love them. I am glad to join this dog forum. I want to share experiences with other members on this forum.
  20. Something weird happens to my Chihuahua, she seems like in shock.

    Dog Health
    Hello there, I would like to ask about something that happens to my 4 years old Chihuahua. Occasionally something strange happens to her, suddenly it seems as if her legs were contracted and she can't walk, specially the front legs gets like paralyzed or something, she gets all shaky and...