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  1. Old dog w possible dementia. Diagnosed benign brain tumor, heart murmur

    Dog Health
    My boyfriend's dog looks like he is in obvious pain yet he does not want to have to put him down. A while ago, about last year or a little less than, I printed out a coupon for him to take him to a vet for free for a general check up. His dog is a male chihuahua about 15 or 16 years old. The...
  2. Help. Why is a dog suddenly turning aggressive?

    General Dog Discussion
    I have been living with my boyfriend and his family for 3 years now, a little bit more than that actually. He has this old dog, a chihuahua who I loved when I first saw it. I would be very nice to him, I would bathe him, feed him, care for him, walk him, basically turning into his 2nd owner. His...
  3. Accidental mating. Spay or let her have puppies? Need advice please!

    Dog Health
    I have a intact 2 year old female Chihuahua who is 4lbs. (she is not spayed because her vet didn't want to use anesthesia on her without a medical emergency because of her size.) I also have an intact male Chihuahua, 6 months old, weighing 6lbs. ( He is an AKC registered show dog so he can't be...