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  1. Are dehydrated (not cooked) chicken bones safe for dogs?

    Dog Food
    Hi everyone, I have been making dehydrated chicken treats for my dog. Lately I have been buying drumsticks as those are the cheapest. I cut the meat off of the bone into smallish pieces, dehydrate them over night, and store them in a bag in the fridge (since they are fattier than the breasts...
  2. Where do you buy your chicken necks?

    Dog Food
    I was wanting to get some for our dogs as treats and to help with teeth cleaning as I read that they're one of the best things to give but I can't seem to find any. I called the three butchers that were anywhere close to us and none of them sold them or could get them. Where do you guys buy...
  3. Did I forget anything in this Kong filling recipe?

    Dog Food
    I made up my own filling recipe but it is not really all that interesting to our Missy. I did the pb with a treat which she enjoyed but I wanted something else so this is what I did: Cooked in chickenbreast slowly till really tender. With the broth I cooked oatmeal but in a rather thick...
  4. Chicken Breast and Green Beans to Dry Dog Food

    Dog Food
    Hi everyone, I was wondering what the ratio is for adding boiled chicken breast and green beans to dry dog food? I want to feed my Shih Tzu (a 9 yearold that has a tumour on his lung) extra protein. Currently he is eating Blue Buffalo senior dry food but I'll be switching him to Acana...
  5. New Favorite Treat

    Dog Food Recipes
    My cousin and I tried our hand at home made dog treats tonight. Just made up the recipe ourselves. We took two small cans of baby food, we used the meat flavors (beef, chicken...), but you could use whatever. Mix them with 1/2 cup of peanut butter and throw in some flour. Use more flour for a...
  6. Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky Question

    Dog Food
    I bought a bag of Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky from the store today for my dog. On the bag it states 100% real chicken. I fed him a piece and he loves it. He's a very picky dog when it comes to his food so this was a definite plus. Well, I looked it up online to see where else I could buy it at...
  7. animal pics, mostly of our tort :)

    Other Pets
    Photos of our animals... Mostly of my Horsefield Ron. He's been poorly lately (for almost two months, scary stuff!) and in the past week he has finally gotten better, so we're really happy about that :D First off he stopped eating, which we noticed immediately 'cos like most torts he'd eat...