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chewing feet

  1. He's chewing on his back paws

    General Dog Discussion
    At random moments during the day and evening pup will chew on his back paws. At first we thought it might be a grooming thing as he likes to spend a lot of time in the garden, but we've noticed he puts his entire paw, up to about 2-3 inches in his mouth and chews on it. It's not a gentle chewing...
  2. Lab owners must read. Keeping ear infections?

    Dog Health
    My name is William and Labradors are my favorite breed. I am going to share with you a common ailment for Labradors, but first answer these questions. 1) Is your lab constantly chewing at their paws? 2) Is your lab keeping ear infections? 3) Does your lab have skin problems? 4) Is your vet...