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  1. What type of changes (behavioural) to expect after cancer therapy in dogs? (Radiation & Chemo)

    Dog Health
    Hi all, My old girl has undergone radiation therapy treatments for nasal carcinoma and has just started chemo. I'm curious as to the general changes in behaviour whether normal or abnormal following these treatments. There is obviously a lot of talk on quality of life of a pet but I feel it can...
  2. Mast Cell Tumour, Chemotherapy & one confused & anxious mum

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, I have a 7yr old Lhasa Apso cross Chihuahua called Tia. I'll try & give you a short version of my story but will post the link for a longer version at the end. September last year I took her to the vet & discussed a lump on her leg I was concerned about. The Veterinarian...
  3. Canine Lymphoma - Saving Cody

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, My name is Michelle and my five year old Labrador Cody, has Canine Lymphoma. I found out on my birthday in September and since then I have scoured the internet, made phone calls, researched and am now treating him with Chemotherapy and a strict diet and vitamin regiment. And he is doing...