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  1. Dog has an ACL Tear used PRP anyone else do this?

    Dog Health
    My dog injured his ACL. The surgery looked really invasive and our dog is older but in good health. I went to a clinic that does PRP injections. At first the dog was doing really well but then he was doing so well he was jumping up and down from the couch and what not. I bought baby gates...
  2. CCL Surgery

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, This 10 year old bulldog needs CCL surgery. Hoping anyone can help.
  3. Braces for CCL tears

    Dog Health
    Hi dog lovers. I am desperately seeking input on a kneebrace for my 85 lb Rottie/Lab. One knee has been unjured for several years, and the other knee has recently suffered a torn cranial cruciate ligament also. I have opted out of the surgery for a number of reasons. We are going the holistic...