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  1. Senior dog now poops every time she’s in the car?

    Dog Health
    I have an 11 year old golden retriever. All her life she has been taking car rides at least a few times a year, to the groomer or the vet, vacations etc. The last two times I have taken her somewhere, she’s pooped in the car. This has never happened before in her life, even when she was a puppy...
  2. Dog car travel

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I am a Junior at JMU working on a project based around Dog safety in cars. If anyone has a minute or to to spare it would greatly help me out by filling our this survey
  3. My dog won't stop pooping in the car

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I have a one-year-old lab/retriever/pit mix (40 lbs and fully grown). Every time I take her in the car she poops. This could be an 8 minute ride to the dog park or a 30 minute ride, it doesn't matter. Yes, I let her out to the bathroom before putting her in the car. No, I don't feed her in...
  4. My Dog Freaks Out in the Car

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 3 1/2 year old am staff/boxer mix. We rescued her from an animal shelter when she was about 1 1/2. Originally she was perfectly well behaved in the car. For about the last 2 years she has been absolutely crazy in the car. She bites the seat belts and the windows and has even bitten off...
  5. safety of dogs in cars

    General Dog Discussion
    I'm starting to get paranoid for something I used to do all the time. Last night I drove to Fedex with my dog to drop off a package. It was prepaid and everything so I didn't wait in line! I literally stepped out of my car went into the store left the package on the counter and came out in...
  6. How to Travel Dogs Safely in Cars?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, so I've been travelling in cars with Biscuit since he was a puppy. He's GREAT in cars. He just sits in his seat, and he never throws up or gets bored. However, I've been thinking that this is an unsafe way of travelling with him. He has no seatbelt or restraints of any sort, so if I came to...
  7. Dog cries, pants, barks in car everytime he sees a tree or water.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Seriously. It's not anxiety being in the car. It's anxiety every time we drive by a bunch of trees or any body of water because he thinks it's a park and gets excited. Then when we keep driving past what he perceives as a park, he gets into an anxiety attack panting, barking, going in circles...
  8. [HELP] Taking your dog in a taxi or Uber

    General Dog Discussion
    Found this article (TFF News: Canines and Cabs) when researching whether or not I could bring my dog in an Uber. It has some helpful points but I was wondering if anyone here has tried to take their pup in a taxi or Uber before and what you did to ensure the ride went smoothly.
  9. Dog hit by a car outside our house

    Dog Health
    So about 9 pm tonight, just after a huge thunder storm, we hear a bang and yelping, we work out an animal has been hit by a car but the car that hits this dog doesn't slow and drives off. My Mum rushes outside and calls for this dog and it runs past her to sit on our doorstep. This dog is...
  10. HELP! Dog barking at strangers, noises and when home alone!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My new dog Penny - 2 years old has just been rehomed with myself and my partner. She is a fantastic and obedient dog. The only problem is that she is jumpy with noises. She wouldn't bark at another dog or respond to another dog barking but if she hears humans talking or making noise outside she...
  11. My dog whines in the car

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, i hope somebody can offer me some advice. Our dog travels in the boot of the car, the trouble is that she whines with anticipation, building to an ear splitting crescendo as we reach our (her) destination. On the way home, sated, shes quiet as a mouse. Its always been an irritation...
  12. Car Trips with Puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello All, I'm soon to be the owner of little IG (named Penelope). On the weekends(1-2 times a month) I will be traveling back and forth to charlotte (i live in DC), this is about a 6 hour drive. Any thoughts, tips, ideas, reccommendations you all can provide would be great! :) I plan to...
  13. Newly Adopted Dog Smarter Than Us - Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Before I begin, the only obedience classes in the area don't start until January. This is one smart dog so we need your help!!! My husband and I adopted a collie/Australian cattle dog mix from a shelter two weeks ago. She was a stray and had been with them just one week. She was fixed the day...