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  1. Getting Dog into Car

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My boyfriend's family owns two dogs: an old German Shepherd and a young Pitbull. His dad doesn't believe they ever need their nails trimmed, and their nails have grown excessively. It looks very painful - especially for the old girl who also suffers from arthritis. I am planning on taking them...
  2. Which Harness is best for Dogs in the car?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi everyone, I recently got a beautiful golden with my girlfriend. Her name is Reily and she's a saint! We do a lot of travelling, for work and for fun, and we put onto the idea of safety gear for the dog when in the car. My question is do you know a good place to get a safety harness for the...
  3. How to Travel Dogs Safely in Cars?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, so I've been travelling in cars with Biscuit since he was a puppy. He's GREAT in cars. He just sits in his seat, and he never throws up or gets bored. However, I've been thinking that this is an unsafe way of travelling with him. He has no seatbelt or restraints of any sort, so if I came to...