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canine distemper

  1. Puppy surviving with canine distemper but not getting better (Help! I'm desperate)

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    Hello, I'm kinda desperate about my puppy... short story, he's an adorable puppy who 'survived canine distemper'... Long story: We had a litter of four puppies, they were born at the first days of this year. Everything went well, until.. roughly two months ago. The pupies started having a...
  2. update on shaking puppy (kind of long)

    Dog Health
    I'm not sure if many of you got to my original post about our puppy shaking, but i wanted to give an update along with my little piece about the whole thing... we decided to take him to the vet bc it was getting pretty bad, when we got there our vet saw him and the concern on her face worried...