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  1. Dogs Tail

    Dog Health
    This is my dogs tail. At the vet she had said that it was possibly mites but didn’t usually affect the tail so to see if it gets worse before treating. He was from the SPCA but had been treated from my understanding. Anyways it seems to not be getting better. Does anyone know what this is? Or...
  2. 7 week old Cane Corso dripples urine and pees very small amounts constantly

    I recently bought a Cane Corso pup, he has only been home for two days but I have started to notice that I will take him outside to pee and he will only pee a few drops or a tiny puddle. Then he will go in and fifteen minutes later he will be drippling again. Often he makes the stance to pee so...
  3. The Rockway Dogs

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    This is my pack, Genevieve, Mojito and Kahlua. Genevieve will be 5 tomorrow; Mojito is 3 and Kahlua is 10weeks. Kahlua Mojito Genevieve
  4. Greetings from NC!

    Hi all! New here to the forum. My name is Ally and I currently own three dogs. Genevieve and Mojito, both American Pit Bull Terriers, and Kahlua a Cane Corso. We live in Durham, NC and have a grand old time. Looking forward to meeting ya'll and seeing pics of all the cute dogs! :D
  5. Some pics of my dogs

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Don't think I've had a chance to share my photos here. So here is some. I also have ones from baby sitting my friends pups.