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  1. Parliament shooting in Ottawa

    Off Topic Discussion
    Parliament Hill attack: Soldier dies of injuries, gunman also shot dead - Politics - CBC News Hoping everyone in Ottawa is doing alright. This is pretty chaotic - I'm just going to go ahead and say that I assume this was an Isis attack, though it's no been confirmed yet... So yeah, anyone in...
  2. chocolate yorkies..please stand up

    Dog Breeds
    anyone with a chocolate/red yorkie out there? would love to connect to others. or even if you just have a yorkie and live in TORONTO,CANADA. would love to socialize my guy with other yorkies. thanks
  3. Crossing the Boarder with Pets

    Off Topic Discussion
    For everyone who has crossed the boarder with their pet, specifically bringing their pet into the states, what was the procedure? I want to bring my cat with me from Canada into the States (North Carolina). We will be driving. As far as I understand, is it just a matter of having my cat...