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  1. Taking 4 month puppy camping - any tips?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I are planning to take our 4-month-old lab mix tent camping this weekend. I'm looking for any tips from anyone who has experience with this, supply recommendations, etc. I'm not sure if I want to attempt to bring her play-pen or just keep her on a long lead (not...
  2. What is the right breed for me and a good crag dog?

    Dog Breeds
    I waned to get a dog at some point and wanted to know what type of dog breed or mix of dog breeds will work for me. I live alone. Weekdays I will work all day and have to leave the dog at home alone. :( I'd like it if the dog didn't cry all day and tear up everything. I can walk the...
  3. Are there any camps for teens with dogs that are more..

    Dog Performance Sports
    Okay, so I want to go to a camp this summer that is mainly focused on dogs. Preferably agility, flyball, and rally. However, tracking might be nice too. I know there are some overnight weeklong camps out there becuase I have found them online before but I just can find them now!! :mad: I have...