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  1. Norcal Dog Lover and Photographer

    Hi All! I'm an avid animal lover. I volunteer with several animal shelters and rescues as a photographer, trainer and foster parent. I myself have two lovable tripod mutts who are both rescues. Watson and Sherley (short for Sherlock) and they are our world! (We also have rats, guinea pigs and...
  2. Hello From CA

    Just found this forum. I am mom to Rainbow a fun loving 12 year old Maltese. Hope to make some friends and get answers if I can for questions I have. Thanks so much!
  3. 5 Days To Live - SB250 (california bill)

    General Dog Discussion
    Did you know that when a pet is taken to a shelter, it's typically given only 5 business days to live? In other words, dogs and cats that are caught and impounded, or given to the shelter by their owner, have 5 days to be adopted, otherwise they're euthanized. Each year $250,000,000.00 is...