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  1. Crating- Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My husband and I just moved into our first house together and we work full time. Today is the first day that our dogs will be left alone all day. They have both been found guilty in the past of chewing (wood furniture, rugs, stairs, coffee tables, baseboards, etc) regardless of how many bones...
  2. Heavy Duty Dog Cage

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have a 34 pound Terrier Mix (rescue). He has destroyed 2 plastic crates by chewing the metal bars out. We just purchased a "heavy duty" crate on Amazon this week. He had destroyed several of the bars within hours of us being gone and he was out of it. I'm looking for something a dog can't...
  3. My puppy is whining badly when crated.

    Puppy Help
    I brought my puppy the day before yesterday, For more info visit this thread at the introduction section Recently I crated him. Sometimes he whines heavily and tries to break the crate. But a moment after that he...
  4. got my pup today, crying at night?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    okay, so ive got her this morning, and shes settled in well. i tried putting her in her cage for a bit, walked out the room, and the almighty cries that followed were heart breaking!!! im dreading putting her to bed tonight, her cage is in the kitchen below my room, any advice on what i can do...
  5. okay, just got a pup today. am i doing this right?

    okay, so when she goes to the toilet, i pick her up and say 'look! no!' then put her outside, so where she should be going. im doing that every time she goes to the toilet, and to an extent, its working, she starting to go to the door, so i let her out, and about 4 times, shes went to the toilet...