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  1. Is a Bull Terrier easier handle, train, and look after than a Rottweiler?

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    Love both of these breeds, but can't make up my mind and I am a first time Dog Owner. Both could be a handful :( Rottweiler in perticular. Only other breed I'd consider is the Beagle. What do you guys think?
  2. Which dog should I get out of my top 4?

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    Whatever breed gets more approval will be the one I will most likely get. My top 4 breeds are the Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd. I defintely have the time, money, and resources in order to care its just a matter of which one to pick. I currently live in apartment. (All...
  3. Don't know what breed to choose!

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    Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing great. I can't decide between these 4 breeds, I am a first time dog owner but I really feel I am responsible enough to care for one of these dogs. I really value Affection in breeds as well as possibly watch/guard dog qualities but more so affection. The...
  4. Bull Terrier growth?

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    Hi, I just have a curiosity. I met a guy earlier at the dog park with a 6 months old bull terrier puppy. She's a girl and weighs 13 kg now (28 pounds). I asked the owner how big he thinks she'll get and he told me she should weigh around 28 kg (61 pounds) as an adult. To be honest that sounded...
  5. zoey is officially a princess

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    We have a pink run that we use to play with our rabbit / guinea pigs indoors, and the other day we'd left it out when we released the dogs from their crates and brought them into the living room. The door was open, and Zoey went straight into the run and settled on her bed in there. Then I had...
  6. Apparently my dog is evil...

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    On Zoey's pre-bed walk last night, a guy about my age walked past. Zoey was watching him and wagging and generally being friendly, when he'd walked about 10 foot past us he stopped. He called to us that he could "sense the evil" of our dog, and that "dogs like her" should be
  7. Summery walk

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    It was really sunny today, and since I missed out on the weather yesterday 'cause I was poorly I took my camera with us on Zoey's walk. We were only out about 20 minutes, but man I forgot how much warmer weather tires Zoey out!! Ready for the off... She climbed onto the bf and covered his...
  8. It was Zoey's birthday yesterday!

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    We don't know when her actual birthday is, but we know it's around mid-October, so decided she could share mine! :D Here's her loot...The cute thing is that as a puppy she had (and destroyed) a miniature version of the pink octopus, so it's very fitting she has a bigger one now! And her...
  9. underwater dogs - bull terrier

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, please watch this video of my underwater bull terrier! gopro h3+ dogs 1080hd - YouTube thanks to all!
  10. Dive training - Bull Terrier

    Dog Training and Behavior
    diving dog gopro h3+ 1080hd - YouTube
  11. Do you see anything else in Zoey?

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    Zoey is about 20 months old now and we've always just called her a terrier / Staffy mix. I was just wondering what anyone would guess is her breed / mix :) Please note we live in the UK, so she's not a pit. We know she is mainly, if not all, Staffy but I was just wondering if there were any...
  12. Meet my new Puppy

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to introduce you to my miniature bull terrier, Loki. He is just about 18 weeks old.
  13. Diet for my very very muscley dog

    Dog Health
    Ronnie is a 3 year old rescue english bull terrier, we've had him for 9 months now a few ups and downs but we're getting there, what would really make his life so much easier is if he could lose some of his muscle mass. The previous owner used to hang him from a toy on a tree to build his...
  14. Our dog just died and now the others REALLY gettin sick

    Dog Health
    Ok this is a big one and an unhappy one so if you dont wana be sad dont read :( We work for a rescue and transported a dog called Ronnie (Bull Terrier) to a home but when we got there the people weren't right for the dog he got really stressed so we took him home. We didnt want him because we...
  15. BULL TERRIERS in BJ's?

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  16. Videos of Max the Bull Terrier

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    Check below in the link. let me know what you think