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  1. "Pitbull" Breed Specific Legislation Speech

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a speech on Breed Specific Legislation. I live in Nova Scotia Canada. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had good websites with good statistics to help me argue that its not right. Im not looking for people to debate whether its right or wrong I just need some help. Thank...
  2. BSL Pitbulls and dangerous dog breeds

    General Dog Discussion
    6 May/12 The Ignorance involving Breed Specific legislation BSL stands for Breed specific legislation; BSL is the banning of certain dog breeds. The reader most likely has heard of attempts to ban American Pit Bull Terriers, what the reader probably has not heard of is that...
  3. Why Breed Specific Legislation is Bull****

    Dog Breeds
    Risk factors associated with behavioral problems in dogs Abstract This cross-sectional study was carried out as a preliminary report on the prevalence and risk factors for owner-perceived behavioral problems in the dog population. A total of 232 owners were interviewed by means of an...
  4. Help Me Save My Dog?

    General Dog Discussion
    They want to pass bsl in my area, and if it passes we will have to get rid of Ace or face having him put down, obviously i'd give him away rather then put him down but could you please write a letter here Wilkes-Barre City Hall 40 East Market St. Wilkes-Barre Pa, 18711 Anything could help...