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  1. Dog Grooming
    The brush I have to brush my dog, Trucker, just does not work. The internet suggests a curry comb for brushing Redbones. Does anyone have any suggestions? Trucker needs brushing pretty much everyday because he is so nervous, he was recently adopted Oct 16th, that he losses lots of his short...
  2. Dog Grooming
    My dog's hair comes out over every carpet, couch and bed in our house but hardly any comes out when I brush her? Does anyone have any tips for getting hair out before it comes off all over my house?
  3. Dog Grooming
    He is about 2 years old and if he was ever brushed before, he didn't like it or wasn't taught how to be still. Claws too... yikes! Waaaay too long. But I'm OK on that. First trimming done and will do another tomorrow. For brushing, I am working on him a bit at a time, never more than a few...
  4. Dog Grooming
    Hi. Does anyone know any good brushes for Pomeranians? (Good brushes for toy sized dogs, long fur...)
1-4 of 4 Results