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  1. Mauka's timeline. NOT A BABY ANYMORE!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Sssooooo, for everyone who was following Tiger's puppies in the 'New Additions" section of this awesome forum, here is Mauka. This thread is all about her growing up. New pictures will be added anywhere from once a week, to once monthly. Enjoy :) If you missed the original timeline, here it...
  2. Is he Brindle, or Agouti??????

    New Additions
    My beautiful and smart Boxer/Lab had puppies 10 days ago. Two are obviously brindle like the mother, but one is a little tricky for me. At some angles he looks brindle, but he has a lot of hairs with brown tips. That makes me wonder about his coloring. Can you help me figure it out? What is he...
  3. What is her breed???? please

    Dog Breeds
    Can someone help me identify my new dog's breed (or possible mix)? I adopted a beautiful rescue dog. She has brindle markings. Her name is Tiger. One friend thinks Tiger is a Boxer mix, a random person thinks Pit Bull mix, and my neighbor (he breeds pure hunting dogs) thinks she is pure, or...
  4. Me and my crazy boxer, Nova!

    Hi all! Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself and my pup Nova. Nova is a 10 month old brindle boxer who loves to romp and be rambunctious. She has a knack for giving me the funniest, most expressive looks in the world. When I'm not busy cleaning up puppy messes and wiping dog slobber I...
  5. Will my Kai-Ken (Toru-Inu) become a brindle?

    Dog Breeds
    I have recently purchased a Kai-Ken cross Aidi puppy (She is too young to take home as of yet as she is only 3 weeks old and i only have a very young puppy photo of her until this Friday so unfortunately can not provide photographs just yet) Her mother was a black (Kuro-Tora) Kai-Ken, the...
  6. Am I a Plott Hound?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello World, I am Otis, the brindle 12 week old puppy. I think I am a Plott Hound/Lab because that's what my foster mom said, but my new mom is convinced there's some Boxer or Pit Bull in me. What do you think? Love, Otis