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  1. Dog breed match

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi. I got a puppy from a rescue. She is shepherd lab mix. She has a medium energy. High prey drive. Very attached to me. She is a bit overly friendly with strangers so I would prefer a dog that is more aloof. I’m looking for a second dog which won’t be for 1 1/2-2 years from now. But I like to...
  2. Running a multi-dog household with varied sizes and temperaments?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, at the moment I have one dog but would love to have 4-5 once I'm solidified in my career and am stable. I know I would have the money and time for my dogs as I do not and will not have any children and put my dogs to the top of my priority list. I plan on taking them out regularly with...
  3. Guess the breed

    Dog Breeds
    How many dog breeds can you guess out of this picture? Find more Pup-Art on:
  4. Thoughts on my dog's breed?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey everyone. I recently have gotten a rescue puppy a few months ago, her name is Jada. She is a pitbull, but a lot of people have been questioning whether or not she's mixed with anything else. A lot of people think she is, I'm not sure though. Just out of curiosity. Thoughts? (Links to...
  5. Help me choose a dog breed

    New Additions
    The kind of pup I want should: 1. Easy to train 2. Size should be small to the size between small and medium 3. Barks a little, but not excessively 4. Good with cats 5. Not too fragile, my cat is quite large and could hurt the dog 6. Doesn't bite or have dangerously strong jaws 7. Doesn't have...
  6. Small, low-shed, quiet dog breeds?

    Dog Breeds
    I'm looking for a dog breed that exhibits most of these traits. All suggestions welcome :)! Physical: - small (>20 pounds) - quiet - little to no shedding or drooling Temperament: - can be left alone with no anxiety or destructive tendencies - minimal prey drive, not high-energy - friendly and...
  7. In Search of a Specific Breed

    New Additions
    Hi, I am new to this forum. Okay, I am a cat lover through and through, I have several cats and they are all indoors only. I have two dogs which are both outdoors only, but am thinking of getting an indoor smaller dog. I am trying to figure out what kind of breed I may want. These are some...
  8. My dog's breed is not on the list! Tech Support
    Hello! I have a Spanish Mastiff and the breed doesn't appear on the list. Could you add it please? Thank you! :)
  9. What breeds are these dogs?!

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, Would like some input to what you might think which breeds our dogs might be? They're brothers but look pretty different, the rescue shelter had them down as chihuahuas, but they're definitely a mix. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. College research project - Dog breed popularity questionnaire

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, I am a Foundation Degree student from Merrist Wood College and I am currently researching dog breed popularity in rescue centres. For my research project to be successful I need 100 responses to my questionnaire. I'm hoping the dog lovers on this forum will be able to help me reach this...
  11. Help Choosing A Dog

    Dog Breeds
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and need a little assistance in picking the right dog. I am 18 and live with my mum and younger brother who is 9. We live in a ground floor flat with fairly large rooms and a large communal garden with plenty of grass and running space. I do not have much...
  12. I can't decide which dog to get! (Help wanted)

    Hello! I've been wanting a dog and would like to adopt a rescue but i'm having the toughest time deciding which dog breed to go with. I'd like some help from people who have experience with multiple dog breeds. Here's what I'm looking for in a dog! If you know of a breed that fits these...
  13. Affectionate, Protective, and Loyal Breeds, Please

    Dog Breeds
    I have been torn between Aussies and Brittanies, and have lately been told that I should consider either English or Welsh Springer Spaniels. If any of you could aid my decision, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be living in a small flat in an either urban or suburban area. This sounds...
  14. Help me identify my puppy's mix of breed please

    Dog Breeds
    We got a new puppy this week...the adoption agency estimates he is a Boxer Lab mix, but I would like other opinions. He has long lean legs, a wrinkly face, spots, very sweet and cuddly but also playful as any puppy. He's about 9 weeks old. Please don't suggest taking a DNA test...I don't care...
  15. Leonberger info?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi this is just a general curiosity question. Does anyone here own a Leonberger or have any experience with one or knows one? What are they like? Easy to own? Bad points and good points? Exercise needs? Disposition? Shedding/drooling? I am not planning on getting one any time soon (just got a...
  16. Some questions about our new rescue! :]

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! Im new to this forum and was hoping someone could help me understand my rescues behaviors. Below is a link to a photo of the new addition to our family. file://cf-fl-fsdc01/users$/vubeda/My%20Pictures/BAILEY2.JPG Her name is Bailey and we rescued her last saturday.She is a...
  17. What Am I?

    Dog Breeds
    This is Moto. I have no clue what he is mixed with because he was found at 4wks old romping around a fairground in the middle of winter. He's 7 months old now and weighs almost 40lbs. I'm assuming there's some German Shepard in him, but what does everyone else see?
  18. Breeds of the alphabet

    Fun and Games
    Here's how to play! One person posts a pic of a dog that starts with a letter of the alphabet, the next person posts a pic of a dog that starts with the next letter. Please label the breed. You may post pics of mixed breeds as well if you wish. When we get to the end, we can just start from the...
  19. Should Certain Breeds be Banned from Neighborhoods?

    Dog Breeds
    Can you imagine having a family member taken away from you? This is what it is like for some people and their dogs. In towns all around the country, certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, are being banned from living there. They are supposedly too dangerous and too unpredictable. However, this...
  20. Mixed Breed help

    Dog Breeds
    My friend adopted 2 puppies 2 months ago They are about four months old I know its hard to tell when they are young but she's just curious as to what you think the breeds are She knows they are mixed breeds but can you guess what they are...