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    Maybe this isn't the right place for this, but I'm desperate. My employer has given me the opportunity to oversee and manage a breeding program for our young boys who struggle with a broad array of maladaptive behaviors. He has asked me to design the kennel and write up a contract for those who...
  2. Dog Health
    What is the difference between Clean Heritage breeding and Clean Line breeding? I have heard that Clean Heritage breeding simple meant that there was no repeat dame or sire within 5 generations. Where as Clean Line breeding is no repeat dame or sire in the entire known pedigree. (Unlike...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    So today a lady asked if we were interested in breeding So we said yes and was wondering how does breeding dogs go about ?
  4. Dog Breeds
    I have a border collie with a beautiful temperament, well behaved, active and would make a great mum She's slender, medium hair, athletic looking and athletic. She has a stunning shiny double coat with waves which I haven't seen in many dogs. I am looking to breed her and the border collies...
  5. General Dog Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I'd like to know how many generations would it take for a dog's line to return to purebred. My Tigger is a mix from 2 purebreds. Mom was an Australian Cattle Dog and Dad was a yellow Labrador. I'm wondering if I let Tigger get an Australian Cattle Dog girlfriend when he's old...
  6. Dog Health
    I'm doing a survey to look at health trends in breeding dogs compared to dogs not used in breeding. It's just a personal project to give an idea of further investigation and questions to ask. Non-Breeding Survey Breeding Survey
  7. General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, I am currently working on a paper for a college English class. My topic is about how purebred dogs are predisposed to more health risks than mixed breeds because of genetic problems, such as flat nosed dogs having breathing problems, and short, long dogs having back problems. In my paper...
  8. General Dog Discussion
    I have a 4 1/2 month old Goldendoodle, and I was going to neuter him. But as I did more researc, I decided against it. Now I'm thinking about taking it one step further. I am hoping to get a Female Labradoodle next year, and breed the two dogs when they are about 2-3 years old. (Resulting in...
  9. Dog Health
    Hi, I have a 2 year old Great Dane that is/ would be 39 days pregnant today. Here's the scenario... She went to the Breeders house for a total of 6 days to have a hot date with her stud. They were allowed to be together and tie 4 times in that time frame. She came home and right off the bat we...
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    Hi all Bill here, just signed up for the forum but been lurking for a while :) I've wanted a dog for ages n just got my own place :rockon: I won't lie it's not as easy as I thought, £120 last month just for power I actually thought it would be about a quarter of that! any how what I'm getting...
  11. Dog Breeds
    Hi there! Please participate in this poll to help me out with a research project. Could you respond with: 1) the breed of your dog and 2) the size (circumference) of it's "wrist's" and "ankles" just above where the paw bends? THANKS so much!
  12. Dog Breeds
    This is a completely hypothetical question. Would it be possible to breed a female Chihuahua with a male Newfoundland, and would the female Chihuahua be able to give birth to the offspring?
  13. General Dog Discussion
    I wanted to know till what age can a German Shepherd female conceive and give birth to new puppies?