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  1. Dog Breeds
    Good afternoon. My maltese dog 1 year old is looking for a girlfriend to create a beautiful family with a cute puppies for sale. He has all documents and vaccinations.
  2. Dog Breeds
    I have a Female 4 month old pup I had recently just got and would love to know her breed or breeds if anyone could tell. I was told she was a beagle border collie mix but I’m not sure about that. Thank you!
  3. New Member Introductions
    He’s about 6 months and we’re not sure what he is. He’s very loving and protective. We’re thinking he’s mixed with pit, German Shepard, Doberman, Rottweiler… we’re really not sure someone help!!
  4. Dog Breeds
    So, number 3 out of our ranch dogs: -Abby (nickname Doodle): approximately 3.5 year old mutt. She is absolutely insane (you can see it in her eyes...😨) but a totally great cattledog rofl! Not the best love monster because she is more independent, but she makes us laugh! Does anybody have any...
  5. Dog Breeds
    She certainly has the personality traits, does she look like a Carolina dog? Shelter said she was a Shepherd/Corgi mix. What do you think?
  6. Dog Breeds
    a family I work with found this puppy on the side of the road. Any guesses on age or breed??
  7. Dog Breeds
    I got my dog a few years back and was told he was a purebred husky, What do you guys think? He is 4 years old and weights 60-65 LB. his personality seem to match that of a husky. What do you guys see when viewing the pictures? Thanks!
  8. Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone, we just rescued this lovely lady a few weeks ago and was wondering what y’all thought she could possibly be mixed with. We’re pretty sure it’s some sort of Australian shepherd but definitely mixed with something or could be something completely different. She’s about 40lbs and 2...
  9. Dog Breeds
    So i saw another post about this so I decided to see if anyone can figure out my dogs breed. The shelter told us he was a beagle boxer mix, but I think he is more pit than boxer. He is almost 5 yrs old. sorry he's sleeping right now but when he wakes up I will post another pic
  10. Dog Breeds
    I'm looking for a large dog, about the size of a labrador or larger. I live on an acreage in a Northern Coastal area. Only get 1 week of freezing temperatures a year. But temperatures can go up to around 40°C for a week or two. I live with my family, no young kids in the household. For other...
  11. New Dogs and Puppies
    This is Zuko. He’s a 5 months old rescue and we only got him recently. He’s part blue heeler, but he might be the most relaxed boy you’ve ever met. He absolutely loves to snuggle and chill on the couch, hasn’t barked once and is really social and very gentle with all dogs and humans he’s met so...
  12. Dog Breeds
    She's 4 months old (though probably 5 at this point) so there's some room to grow. I'm not sure how big she'll get, a lot of calculations say anywhere from around 45ish to high 60s for her adult weight. At the adoption event she was listed as "shepherd mix" but that could mean a lot of things...
  13. Dog Breeds
    Hello! I adopted a puppy recently, and the humane society has no information regarding her breed. What do you think she is?! Thanks! ☺️
  14. Dog Breeds
    Hi. New here. I recenly brought this little guy home. He's an absolute ball of love and joy, but I have no idea what breed he is. Whatever he turns out to be, he will always have a home with us. Can anyone tell what kind of puppy he might be? Thanks
  15. Dog Breeds
    Hello Everyone! My partner and adopted Rain a little over a month ago and we were told by the rescue that she was a lab mix puppy. All of her siblings are yellow and she is the only black puppy but we are very curious what her breed mix could be! The thing that is not so lab-like about her is...
  16. Dog Breeds
    Hello, I’m adopting this dog. I have no idea what breed he is! Anyone have any idea? He is 5 months old Thank you!
  17. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi. I’m trying to decide between a Doberman and working line (curious about ddr and Czech) German Shepherd for my next dog. Currently have an 8 month old female shepherd mix. I’m really into training my dog and would love a dog I can do more serious obedience works. medium-large breed...
  18. Dog Breeds
    Recently took him in due to my mother's living situation. Hes a rescue, does anyone know the breed???
  19. Dog Breeds
    4 mouths puppy, its Said to be a mini pinscher Father Mother
1-20 of 216 Results