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    Hello! I adopted a puppy recently, and the humane society has no information regarding her breed. What do you think she is?! Thanks! ☺️
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    Hi. New here. I recenly brought this little guy home. He's an absolute ball of love and joy, but I have no idea what breed he is. Whatever he turns out to be, he will always have a home with us. Can anyone tell what kind of puppy he might be? Thanks
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    Hello Everyone! My partner and adopted Rain a little over a month ago and we were told by the rescue that she was a lab mix puppy. All of her siblings are yellow and she is the only black puppy but we are very curious what her breed mix could be! The thing that is not so lab-like about her is...
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    Hello, I’m adopting this dog. I have no idea what breed he is! Anyone have any idea? He is 5 months old Thank you!
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    Hi. I’m trying to decide between a Doberman and working line (curious about ddr and Czech) German Shepherd for my next dog. Currently have an 8 month old female shepherd mix. I’m really into training my dog and would love a dog I can do more serious obedience works. medium-large breed...
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    Recently took him in due to my mother's living situation. Hes a rescue, does anyone know the breed???
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    4 mouths puppy, its Said to be a mini pinscher Father Mother
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    I was wondering what breed of dog my puppy is or what she is mixed with. She’s very energetic and sweet. Her name is Peanut or Peanut Butter.
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    I am considering a new puppy and think the Australian Shepherd will make a great match for me. I am going to look at one tomorrow which is claimed to be a purebread but from the pictures of the sire and dam I seriously have my doubts. The sire does look like an Aussie, but the dam, not even...
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    Hey everyone I recently got to meet this little pup and I am so in love! It’s owner said he thinks he’s a Chorkie (Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua) but Iv had a look and I just can’t see that they are as fluffy as him? So I’m on the hunt! Because I would just love one!
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    Meet Rex! I was told multiple answers for his breed, perhaps a german shepherd x bull masstif, a german shepherd x staffie , german shepherd x english bulldog He has a wringly head like a masstif would have but more than a english bulldog. And he has a pretty small frame like a shepherd of...
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    This is my dog Vixen! She was a rescue and we aren't sure what breed she is. I'd love to get a DNA test to know for sure but wondering if anyone has any guesses? She's around 14ish years old
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    Hello all, new to the forum! I've written a huge essay but will tldr; for ease. Me; I'm hoping to get a dog in late spring 2022. I know it's early, i research a lot. Some of the below may look a bit blunt, it's because it is a literal essay, and i'm on my phone. All 'breed talk' is...
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    We have a four year old Jack Russell mix. He’s 45 lbs and we cannot figure out what he is mixed with. We always assumed maybe a mix of terriers and he does have a tendency to curl his paw and point when he sees an animal in a tree. I saw a rat terrier today and was surprised at how much they...
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    We were told she is mainly corgi but we can’t figure out the rest
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    Meet Rico! I’ll include as much as I know - which is: absolutely nothing about his parents he’s about 3ish y/o he has 49 cm withers height he’s very particularly cleaning himself until the last bit of dirt is gone he has been rescued from Greece. he’s a nose dog. He loves to sniff for mice when...
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    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so if I've posted this in the wrong thread or didn't follow certain rules I'm sorry. I wasn't able to have my girl blood tested to figure out her breed before she passed away recently. I want to figure out what her possible breeds might have been since she...
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    Hello everyone! This --> is Bailey. My family got Bailey in early 2019 (around March?) when she was a few months old. Her previous owner was living in an apartment and could not take care of her any longer, so we took her in. The previous owner told us she was a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix...
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    Hi there, I just rescued my new puppy Azura. She came from down south and traveled all the way up to Maine. To me, she looks like a Pitty or maybe plot hound mix but I’ve put her into those apps that can tell breeds by pictures.. and it gives me a bunch of mixed results. Let me know what your...