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  1. What breed is my puppy?

    Dog Breeds
    I just adopted a puppy from the Humane Society this weekend and I have no idea what breed(s) could be. She is a grey/brown color and she has hazel green eyes. She is five months old and weighs 15 pounds. She is very calm and well-mannered and she loves to snuggle. Her name is Maple! See a few...
  2. Second Dog Breed Suggestions?

    General Dog Discussion
    Eventually, I would love a second dog. This won't be for a few years, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead :D. However, I am not sure of what breeds. I thought I loved herders, and don't get me wrong I still do. But I think I love the idea of a herder than the reality. Dealing with an Aussie with...
  3. lagotto or poodle mix?

    Dog Breeds
    I am thinking to do a dna test to be sure, but i wanted to know if others could roughly guess just by looking at some pictures. weight 17lbs/ height 20 inchs any quesses?
  4. Help me with my dog's breed?

    Dog Breeds
    My dog, Baxter is 3 years old. I got him 2 years ago and am confused on his breed. Initially the rescue society said he was a Morkie-Poo. When I got his license it said Yorkie-Poo. But when I look at pics he doesn't seem to fit either of those mixed breeds. Anyone have any ideas? Details -...
  5. UK user curious about my rescue's breed or mix...

    Dog Breeds
    I adopted Biff five years ago from a relatively small local UK shelter. He had apparently been a stray, and they hinted that he was a 'staffy mix'. That might be the case, but he doesn't seem to be built quite like a Staff to me, nor does he have quite the same facial shape although it is...
  6. Need specific first time breed suggestions

    New Additions
    I know it doesn't look like it but here's an extremely simplified summary of what I need help with: I am planning on getting my first ever canine within this year, as I am going to be graduating from high school soon. I am prepared to take on the added responsibilities of owning a dog during...
  7. Active city girl trying to find the perfect dog

    New Additions
    Hi, I am moving to Paris soon and I am planning to get a puppy. I have been looking at a bunch of breeds that I really like and have gone through so many options I don't even know what breed I could choose anymore. I am a first time dog owner but I have done so much research and am planning to...
  8. First dog of my own! (American Indian?)

    New Additions
    So i am currently doing research on dog breeds. I am a college student. My dog who lived with my family back home recently passed away, and I am looking into getting a dog of my own to live with me at college. Through my research, the "American Indian" dog breed seems to be the best fit for me...
  9. Looking input on current breed choice/ other recommendations

    Dog Breeds
    I should preface this with I will not be getting said dog until the spring/summer of next year, so I have plenty of time. I am pretty sure that I want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but I also want to make sure that said breed would work. My lifestyle then is still somewhat up in the air, as I am still...