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  1. What breed of dog is this?

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  2. Determining My Baby's Breed - Possible TW: pet death mention

    Dog Breeds
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so if I've posted this in the wrong thread or didn't follow certain rules I'm sorry. I wasn't able to have my girl blood tested to figure out her breed before she passed away recently. I want to figure out what her possible breeds might have been since she...
  3. Help! What breed does my puppy look like?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi there, I just rescued my new puppy Azura. She came from down south and traveled all the way up to Maine. To me, she looks like a Pitty or maybe plot hound mix but I’ve put her into those apps that can tell breeds by pictures.. and it gives me a bunch of mixed results. Let me know what your...
  4. What breed is this?

    Dog Breeds
    I am very curious as to which breed of dog this is. Im almost certain it is at least part pitbull but whether its mixed or not i have no idea. Maybe Labrador?
  5. Which dog breed would suit me best?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Im hoping I have selected the correct section to post this in. I am considering getting a dog, but still unsure on which breed is best suited. I would love to hear peoples opinions before I make a decision. Ideally I would Prefer a medium to large dog breed. I live out of town so walks...
  6. [HELP!!!] Don't know what kind of breed my dog is!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! I used to have a gorgeous dog named Cinnamon and I don't know what kind of dog she is. My father gave me her as a bday gift 7 years ago but tragically we didn't know how to take care of her (Since it was our first dog) so we gave her up to the shelter. Anyways, I'm planning to get a puppy...
  7. What breed is my dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey Everyone! :) I am new here and this is my first thread post. So my husband and I had recently rescued our dog about a month ago from the Humane Society. So far we have not had any problems with him other than him being anxious around other dogs(he came from a dog hoarding situation.)...
  8. Trucker is getting a puppy, maybe?

    New Additions
    My boyfriend and I have been discussing getting a puppy (we call it Trucker's Puppy) for the last 4 months. We plan to let Trucker finish with his basic obedience class and for the "hunting season" (just deer, as all but 3 months you can hunt) to be over so that my boyfriend can be more...
  9. Can someone find out what mix my dog has?

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    I got a dog from a breeder and he told me that it's a Goldador. (Hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a Labrador.) but it's ears are starting to make me wonder if it really is a Goldador since its ears are small compared to other Goldadors I saw on the internet. So would you please tell me your...
  10. Italian Greyhound advice Needed

    Dog Breeds
    So I am looking to add a new addition to my family and I've always been taken with the Italian Greyhound. All the Italian Greyhounds I've met (and by "all" I mean I've met 3) have been shaking and seemed a little nervous, but very docile and stuck close to their owner. After researching though...