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  1. A Happy Hello From Two Yorkies and I!

    Hello! I'm Jerrianne, and although I originally joined this site seeking assistance, I've found myself enjoying the community. So, an introduction will now be made! I own two Yorkshire Terriers: Zoe, who's 9 years old. She was "my" first ever dog. We had a chihuahua before her named Chico...
  2. Very funny Dog Book! :-)

    Dog Art
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you a very funny dog book I found at It's called Grandma! Can I Get a Dog? Here's the link to look inside of it: Grandma! Can I Get a Dog?: Barry Jordan Jr.: Kindle Store :)
  3. training a boy?

    Merry Christmas everyone! my boyfriend bought me a puppy for christmas! we pick him up on the 28th. I couldnt be more excited except.. its a boy dachshund. my bf has a girl doxie already but shes older and i didnt meet her untill she she was about 2 already and potty trained, other than that his...