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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is a 7-month-old Boxer puppy. I hate him because he is very naughty. I'm 14 years old and autistic. Dogs are supposed to be calming and caring for autistic children, but my dog has ruined my life. He is very naughty which is normal puppy behaviour, but the issue is that he has destroyed...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, my dog is a 6-month-old Boxer puppy, he is really protective around my parents and thanks to this protective behaviour, I can't spend any time with my parents! What should I do?
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, my dog is a 6-month-old Boxer. At Christmas time he will be 9 months. Boxers are rough until about 18 months old. I'm worried about Christmas! What can I do! The reason I'm so worried that the presents, tree, and decorations will be destroyed. Also, the lights will be a fire hazard if he...
  4. Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is a 6 month old Boxer puppy. He is very vicious and he bites a lot. Is this just puppy behaviour or has he got a problem.
  5. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, my dog is a 6-month old Boxer puppy and when my parents prepare food, he bites me. I need help as soon as possible because this is making me super angry and making me hate my dog more and more every day.
  6. Dog Breeds
    So i saw another post about this so I decided to see if anyone can figure out my dogs breed. The shelter told us he was a beagle boxer mix, but I think he is more pit than boxer. He is almost 5 yrs old. sorry he's sleeping right now but when he wakes up I will post another pic
  7. Dog Health and Food
    Hi, I have a 10 week old boxer, and orange spots started appearing in her poop. She has been eating the same food for the last 3 weeks and this is the first time they appeared. Could these be worm eggs? Thanks
  8. Dog Health and Food
    I just noticed a weird circular mass on my 6 month old boxer puppy. Has anyone seen anything like this? He was chasing bees yesterday so I wonder if its a sting? Or something more serious... I plan on calling my vet but thought I'd ask here now just to see if anyone has seen anything like it.
  9. Dog Health and Food
    Hi, I have a boxer, she’s 8 years old and usually pretty healthy. Never had any trouble with limping etc. A few weeks ago I brought her in a hike and it was a tough enough walk anyway when I got home she started limping as soon as she got out of the car. I just thought she had sat on her foot...
  10. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello, I have a flashy faun boxer who is approximately two years old and today he seems to have a major issue and is acting out. I am not sure what is wrong nor how to accurately describe it... I took a video of how he is acting and how he currently looks so you guys can see him... Hopefully...
  11. Dog Breeds
    Good Day All! I just stumbled upon this forum today in search of help identifying a new member to our family as of last December. When we rescued him they told us he was approximately one and half to two years old and that he was half Boxer but the other half unknown. Since then we believe he...
  12. General Dog Discussion
    I am wondering if adopting my grandparent's dog is possible for me. Please read situation below. My parents live on a 50 acre orchard with and have a boxer that is about 4 years old. He has had free reign of the property for his whole life, with a shock-collar underground boundary and a dog...
  13. Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 3 1/2 year old am staff/boxer mix. We rescued her from an animal shelter when she was about 1 1/2. Originally she was perfectly well behaved in the car. For about the last 2 years she has been absolutely crazy in the car. She bites the seat belts and the windows and has even bitten off...
  14. Introductions
    Hi there critter parents, My name is Jen and my family adopted a beautiful boxer puppy about 10 years ago and a Pomeranian puppy about 1 year ago. My old boxer girl's name is Gigi and she's a gentle yet protective giant. She's starting to show her age these past few months, but is still as...
  15. Dog Health and Food
    We have a 2yo boxer mix who is having a really hard time with her anal glads. About 6 months ago we noticed a fishy, smelly odor coming her and were not sure what it was. We took her to the vet, thinking she could have a UTI, which the vet checked her for, but didn't find anything. They made no...
  16. New Dogs and Puppies
    I have two dogs, both about a year old (exact age unknown since they're rescues), and I'm not sure if I should neuter or not. I live in the Dominican Republic where people as a whole don't much care for dog health. There are very little vets avaliable, even fewer with actual degrees, so there...
  17. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have a Boxer who is a little too smart for her own good and has learned how to get out of her harness and collar. We recently purchased a martingale collar which she cannot get out of, but i would really like to find a harness that she cannot pull out of. I cannot make the harness any...
  18. Dog Health and Food
    I recently found 2 dogs on the side of the road and decided to keep them after being unable to locate their owners, if they even had any. One is a 80 lb lab and the other is a 70 boxer. They are both girls and the vet said they were around two. I have had them for a few months now and I take...
  19. Dog Breeds
    Hey! I've been told I have a Pitbull/Terrier Boxer mix (unclear whether the rescue meant pitbull-terrier (American Staffordshire Terrier) or pitbull (AmStaff) + terrier). Can anybody tell me if they think this mix will be a good running buddy? The dog characteristics that I can find for...
  20. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello/ My name is Jeka/ I am Pretty girl/
1-20 of 45 Results