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boxer mix

  1. switching dog foods

    Dog Food
    we adopted our dog earlier this month. she is a 2 year old boxer mix named Moxxi. vet says she is healthy. first time ive had this breed and never had problems with dogs and their food in the past so not sure what to do. we started her on a canidea all life stages dog food but i was told...
  2. Rescue dog may be trained hunting dog?

    Dog Breeds
    In the end of October of 2015, my family adopted our second dog from the Humane Society of West Michigan (adopted 4 all-together). This organization had received him from a kill shelter somewhere in Louisana. The HSWM takes a number of dogs from the south that are on "death row" to give them...
  3. Our Sweet Rescue Story

    Off Topic Discussion
    My husband and I saved our sweet girl on the day she was set to be put down and she's loving her Colorado life. :)
  4. Pitty+Terrier+Boxer Mix- Energy and running?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey! I've been told I have a Pitbull/Terrier Boxer mix (unclear whether the rescue meant pitbull-terrier (American Staffordshire Terrier) or pitbull (AmStaff) + terrier). Can anybody tell me if they think this mix will be a good running buddy? The dog characteristics that I can find for...
  5. My little rescue family.

    Hi all! I just thought I would give a little introduction about me and my little pack of hooligans. I'm new to rescuing, I grew up with Golden Retrievers but my family never rescued. It wasn't until a little over a year ago my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted a dog and we thought there was...
  6. Mauka's timeline. NOT A BABY ANYMORE!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Sssooooo, for everyone who was following Tiger's puppies in the 'New Additions" section of this awesome forum, here is Mauka. This thread is all about her growing up. New pictures will be added anywhere from once a week, to once monthly. Enjoy :) If you missed the original timeline, here it...
  7. My 1 year old boxer just started peeing in the house Please help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 1 year 2 month old male boxer mix. I got him from the pound when he was 2 months old. He always has been a very good well behaved dog. When potty training him he only had like 5 accidents inside. He has ALWAYS been very good at going outside. 6 months ago we moved into a new apt. he...
  8. Possible Plott Hound / Boxer Mix?

    Dog Breeds
    I got Athena from Animal Control and I was curious to know what she could be mixed with. I know she is part Boxer but I don't think she is full because her nose doesn't scrunch and point up like most. I saw a picture of a Plott Hound and thought maybe she could be mixed with that because of her...