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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    I just adopted two 4 year old Boston Terriers. One of them was a show dog. The previous owner had them since they were puppies. I had a Boston Terrier for 12 years that recently passed away. Lugnut was very playful and loved to fetch. These 2 new dogs aren't interested in playing or fetching at...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    Hello All, I am considering cataract surgery for my Boston Terrier and was told there was a higher chance of developing complications including glaucoma in her breed and wanted to see if anyone else had cataract surgery for their Boston and how it turned out. TIA
  3. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello there DogForum, this is my first post, so sorry in advance for any mistakes or posting in the wrong forum. I have given months of long thoughts and research, and I believe I am ready for a dog. Now i have encountered another big dilemma. Finding the right breed. This is a little bit of...
  4. Housetraining
    Okay, so this is the story. Me and my husband got a boston terrier at 3 months of age. She was quite sick at first and the vet told us to not take her outside. The first time she went outside she was already 4.5 months old. When she was supposed to be inside at all times, she peed and pooped in...
  5. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone! Decided to join the forum after realizing I keep ending up here on all my gazillion puppy google searches. I'm a first time fur mama to a beautiful Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix. He's 9 weeks old today, and I got him at 6.5 weeks. BEFORE YOU START, I did everything to make...
  6. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Roy (my Blue Heeler/Boston Terrier mix) is now 12 weeks old and a solid 18lbs. He's growing fast, but after this sweltering Missouri heat I know that it'll soon be fall, but I want to prep for the winter. So as for my questions... 1.) Is he going to have to put up with clothes for the cold? 2.)...
  7. Dog Training and Behavior
    Please help me figure out why my Boxer attacking my Boston Terrier. I have included a link to a video i took of the attack. the video explains a lot. Thank you for any help. i posted the video but had some problems downloading. this video is updated.
  8. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, Our first Boston (Star)is three years old and has a gentle nature about her and greets every dog like a friend....she's not been crated and has been a dream to have in our home. We wanted to introduce a second Boston so she'd have a playmate and just general good company besides us...
  9. Dog Training and Behavior
    My 3 year old Boston Terrier is petrified of trash trucks. So much so that I feel the quality of her life is being impacted. We moved to a new apartment complex in January and there are trash trucks every day. The sound of any trash truck or any diesel engine type truck puts her into a panic...
  10. General Dog Discussion
    My dog sashi is scared of balloons. I tried many things to get her to not be scared like I put a treat on the ballon and she ate it but its when the ballon goes up that she gets scared. Please does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Dog Training and Behavior
    We're having issues with our 7 month old female Boston Terrier. She goes through several periods of time during the day when she gets really worked up (playing) and starts biting our toes (or hands, if she can get to them)... it's like she starts playing so hard that she goes into a frenzy and...
  12. General Dog Discussion
    Just me showing off my awesome little Boston Terrier playing frisbee. I had fun editing it and playing around with iMovie. Any of you with small dogs know what I mean when I say people underestimate them!
1-12 of 13 Results