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  1. My 4 month old border collie already getting adult fur?

    Puppy Help
    Hi all. I'm a first time dog owner and Border collie owner then of course. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they think it's okay for my BC to be getting his adult fur at 4 months? I read this happens around 6-8 rather. He has a massive "cow lick" down his back which is quite...
  2. 7mo old pup is suddenly terrified of the ceiling.

    Dog Health
    I'm quite worried about my pup, Nova. She is a beautiful, 7 month old, Border Collie/Black Lab. Due to some issues before my girlfriend and I adopted her, she tends to be a bit timid but 2 days ago, she started acting odd. She is suddenly terrified of the ceiling, or the general direction of...
  3. Lucas, my border collie puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey! I´m from Madrid and I´ve got a border collie. If you want to see it, please, visit my channel and enjoy my videos, they are about my border collie puppy called Lucas. I´m sure you´d like it. LucasCollie - YouTube
  4. Anyone know any reputable border collie breeders in and around London?

    Puppy Help
    I have been looking for a reputable Border Collie breeder around London for some time. I have looked and contacted various breeders about it being possible to Obtain an collie puppy even though I live in an apartment. Every breeder I have contacted said it wasn't possible but I am determined to...
  5. What should I feed a Border Collie Puppy?

    Dog Food
    What should I feed a Border Collie Puppy or even a BC dog? As in anything from the brand of puppy/dog food, good puppy food recipes, types of puppy/dog treats, recipes for puppy/dog treats, types of bones, or anything at all? Also, even advise on what someone should 'aviod' feeding a BC...
  6. Going about Training a Border Collie Puppy?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    How does one go about training a Border Collie puppy or dog? As in what do you think the puppy should learn first as the basics, then what next would you move on into training and how might one go about doing so? Plus, what are your tips on Border Collie puppy training? (even tips for the...
  7. Getting a Border Collie puppy ...?

    Puppy Help
    So I'v decided that I'm going to go with a Border Collie puppy. Yes, I know that Border Collies are high maintanence dogs, that being said the type of attention (and etc...) that Border Collies require (especially puppies) is exactly the breed of dog that I'm looking for. A dog that needs...