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  1. Dog Gear and Supplies
    My dog and I hike... a lot. And lately he's just been accident prone. A cut here, a scratch there, the works. :eyeroll: Most recently his paws have been getting the worst of it. Last time we went hiking, I spent the rest of the night removing a thorn from his pad. I really want to try him...
  2. Dog Gear and Supplies
    It's getting cold where I am and I have noticed that a few times on the coldest days on walks, my puppy will lift her paws as if they are cold and want to turn around. I'm happy to oblige and go home, but I know that we have some much colder days ahead of us and would like suggestions for the...
  3. Dog Performance Sports
    Hey all! :) I'm new to the site, don't have a dog yet but am looking forward to adopting sometime either over winter break or next summer. I bike pretty much everywhere <5 miles away from my house, and plan on bringing the dog with me when I do so most of the time. I also go out jogging fairly...
1-3 of 3 Results