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  1. An Author?

    Dog Books
    So ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to write a book. It's just that I don't feel encouraged maybe? I don't stay with the book. I guess I get bored writing it. Anyone interested in reading a chapter maybe every other day or so? :p
  2. What's best? Video or books for self training...

    Hi, everybody!!! I am a previous owner of several of "man's best friends". I started owning dogs at ann early age (I'm an only child and my parents figured I needed a "sibling", I guess). In the beginning, I didn't train my dogs. I was too caught up in just having a "playmate". Later in life, I...
  3. Amazon Order Suggestions Wanted!

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Okay, so I'm making a modest Amazon order in a few days, because shipping is expensive, yo, and I'm trying to finalise my order and I could really use some input. Ruffwear Webmaster Harness in Charcoal: Mia is narrow shouldered, deep chested, and narrow waisted, and has not gotten appreciably...
  4. New novel for dog lovers

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all, I'm an MSc Publishing student researching a potential new product for Merchiston Publishing. Some of you may remember a market research survey I posted on here a few weeks ago - it has generated 170 responses so far so a big thank you to all who responded! In light of the results...
  5. Lovers of dogs and books

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all! I'm an MSc Publishing student and I'm currently working on a proposal for a new product which may be published in 2013. The product is a fictional novel for adult readers featuring a dog as the main protagonist. If my proposal is successful and the book is published next year, I...