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  1. Handmade Dog Bone Rug

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hello! I thought I'd share this cute dog bone rug I found because I figured you'd all really like it!
  2. Dog ate small cooked steak bone

    Dog Health
    So i cooked a tbone today and came back to find my dog munching on the bone, he had only ate about 1 inch or so but im still worried, hes breathing fine and nothing is bleeding but again im just worried. sorry in advance if i didnt put this in the right spot its my first time on this forum.
  3. Are dehydrated (not cooked) chicken bones safe for dogs?

    Dog Food
    Hi everyone, I have been making dehydrated chicken treats for my dog. Lately I have been buying drumsticks as those are the cheapest. I cut the meat off of the bone into smallish pieces, dehydrate them over night, and store them in a bag in the fridge (since they are fattier than the breasts...
  4. Chewing too hard on bone?

    Dog Health
    Hi, this is a vid of my heeler chewing on her antler. I'm not really sure where the line between nicely-entertaining-myself-with-a-bone and destroying-my-teeth-attacking-this-thing-until-it-dies is. Should I be worried that she might break a tooth or is this normal acceptable gnawing? I don't...
  5. Can dogs eat old bones?

    Dog Food
    Hello! I've got an around nine month old Boston Terrier puppy that LOVES to chew. He's got several bones and destroys whatever plastic or rubber chews he gets. So, recently, we've switched to more natural alternatives with a Yak cheese chew and a store bought antler. We live out in the...
  6. Dog just had a little blood from rectum

    Dog Health
    Hey so I just came home and my dog was energetic and happy to get outside. He went out and ran around a little and then squatted to poop and didnt poop but he got out like a drop of blood. Otherwise 0 complaints. He pooped last night and this morning, both were a little loose but not soupy...
  7. Bone advice for teeth cleaning

    Dog Food
    Hello all, first post here so be nice :) We feed our pup a raw food diet and have been giving him bones as a supplement to his usual diet, primarily for teeth cleaning (he has a bad underbite). We have given him two types of bone so far, femurs and knuckles. I read knuckles are good for...
  8. Puppy swallowed a bone piece

    Dog Health
    Took my 5 month old border collie x kelpie to a friends place, and he found a bone in her garden. I tried to take it from him, but he swallowed it too quickly. I'm not sure if it was sharp or not, but it wasn't very big. It happened on Thursday night, and it's now Sunday and I haven't noticed...
  9. A video of my dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Lucy burying her bone :):dog-bone:
  10. Whimpering while walking around the house with rawhide?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, I'm just curious as to why our dog Benji was showing this confusing behavior....we gave him a rawhide bone today, and at first he didn't seem all that interested in it. He just kind of licked it a little, stared at it, and then got bored of it. Just as a little background: we've...
  11. treat recommendations?

    Dog Food
    if anyone has any good treat recommendations, please share! currently i am giving java dingo munchy stix twice a week, some milkbones [biscuit/chewy] every now & then, and some beef jerky strips from costco. we give her lots of fruits and veggies she loves and some other "human" food [please...
  12. Dog overly protective of his bone?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I currently have two dogs: a dachshund mix (11 months) and a pure pomeranian (4 months). I recently bought mini rawhide bones for my dogs to chew on. I gave them each a bone, but my dachshund chose to set aside the bone I gave him. Instead, he went and snatched my pomeranian's bone away. When...