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  1. My dog prefers everyone over me. [Help/Advice]

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Okay, I feel absolutely petty for even beginning to make this post. I should just be happy to have a dog - but this isn't even close to what I imagined/have known dog ownership to be like. So after living on my own (with roommates) while being a working college student for quite awhile and...
  2. Cockatiel - any advice?

    Other Pets
    We adopted a Cockatiel almost four days ago now that we have named Tex. He's around 4 - 5 months old, spent all his life with his first family in a tiny cage, and was never socialised or let out. He spent the first 24 hours on a perch, quiet and didn't move. On the second day he had a brief...
  3. Puppy misses my mom more than me!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My mom recently "puppy sat" for me for two days while I was out of town. So today, before I got home, my mom said she'd drop off my puppy so that he would be here at my house when I got home. (She lives about 10 minutes away and sees my dog maybe once a week.) Well, when I walked in the door...
  4. I think my pup hates me

    New Additions
    Lately, my sister has been helping me out with my puppy because I've been extremely busy. She has been driving my pup to doggie daycare a couple of days a week and pet sitting every once in a while to help me out. Well, I've noticed that my puppy has really starting to bond with my sister...
  5. New Stay at Home Puppy Owner/Stressed and looking for reassurance

    Puppy Help
    How is that for a pretty expressive title? Background: My husband and I got married this past October. We've been friends for 5.5 years and together 4.5(ish?) I promised him when we first started dating (as I am afraid of commitment and also of being hurt) that 'if we last 6 months, we can get...
  6. Bonding and Uncrate Training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey Dog Lovers! My family has been training dogs for many, many years but I have encountered something new and I am perplexed. The first part is that my 8 month old puppy Nolan was so excessively crate trained before I got him that he refuses to pee outside. He won't go in the house either...
  7. Dog Adjusting Question

    General Dog Discussion
    If a dog is fostered and then adopted, and the adopter returns the dog due to whatever reasons - is it true that it's better for the dog to be returned to the original foster as opposed to some other foster? Like, the dog establishes a close bond with the original foster, then leaves the...