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  1. Is it bad to have a playful dog?

    Dog Stories
    My Puppy plays alot and likes playing outdoors. is it something to be worried about?
  2. Videos of Dalls my 4 m/o Boerboel

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  3. Jowls 101

    Dog Health
    Are puppies born with jowls or do they develop as the dog gets older? My mastiff seems tight lipped now (like a pit) can that change with time?
  4. Question about large breed puppy weight

    New Additions
    Weight is definitely not everything. Everything is coming along great with my new puppy. She's a boerboel. She is now going into her 15th week and is almost 34lbs. Should I be worried that she is undersized? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to try mixing wet and dry food because she doesn't...
  5. Owner of my first Boerboel puppy Dallas

    Hello all! My little girl Dallas is going on 15 weeks. She's just getting over an upset tummy and is now ready to go! I look forward to learning about dog training, exercise, more about the boerboel breed, and behavior in this forum. I attached a few pics of Dallas, her mom and dad!
  6. Help Puppy to Grow Slowly

    Dog Food
    Hi Guys, I recently got a Boerboel pup (about 3-4 months old now). A Boerboel is a big mastiff-type dog. The Boerboel, like many other large dogs, are prone to get Hip Dysplasia. I've read that improper feeding may lead your pup to grow too fast, which in turn makes it even more susceptible...