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  1. Our dog refuses to wat food what she has eaten for a few years.

    Dog Food Recipes
    I hope this is in the right section, if not can a mod move it to the right section? Thank you in advance. Our Missy, JRx, app. 5 - 6 years (she started out as a fosterdog so I have to guess), has eaten Blue Buffalo small kibbles for adult dogs for as long as we have had her (app. 3 years)...
  2. Verge or being over weight?

    Dog Food
    Hi everyone! I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Milly and she is 2 years old. I went to the vet the other day because I was concerned about her weight and they said that she was right on the verge of being overweight. Her waist line is a bit difficult to see. The average weight for a...
  3. High protein food for relaxed dog?

    Dog Food
    I have three dogs, two 1 yr. old dogs (GSD and golden retriever) and an 11 yr. old pit bull mix. The pit bull and golden retriever are lazy and inactive dogs, while my GSD is the most energetic thing I have ever seen. Now to my question, is feeding all three dogs Blue Wilderness Adult a...
  4. Survived Parvo, Still Sensitive Intestines

    Puppy Help
    Our puppy survived Parvo! He spent a week at the vet until he recovered, and then he came home around May 2nd (can't remember exact day). Since then he has been on Hill's Prescription diet I/D for gastrointestinal health. The vet said to keep him on this food for a month. Even on this food...
  5. Best Dog Food for my picky Springer Spaniel

    Dog Food
    I have 2 English Springer Spaniels that are 2 years old. They are brother and sister. I currently feed them everything from Blue Buffalo. A few months ago they were on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness brands in hunting season for the extra protein, so that they would perform well in the field. I...
  6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

    Dog Food
    I am writing to see if anyone else has run into this issue with Blue or any other brand for that matter. I currently have 2 1.5 year old English Springer Spaniels. They are lap dogs for 3/4 of the year and avid hunters the rest. I was feeding them Diamond Naturals until the recall and...
  7. Are these dog foods any good???

    Dog Food
    Hello everyone, I'm new on here as of today! :-) I suppose I should tell a little about my beautiful dogs first!! I have 5 dogs total. Here's the details of my doggies: one is a male Siberian Husky(Blaze) who is 8 years old. Then I have two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers(Taura and Hector). Taura...