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  1. My dog has a very bad blister on paw pad/need advice

    Dog Health
    Hello and thank you for your time. I have a bluenose Staffordshire Bull Terrier. About 2 months ago (Middle of summer) i took my dog for a walk on a hot day and i completely and irresponsibly took her for too long of a walk cause she started to limp a bit(I don't think her paws built up enough...
  2. My puppy has swollen glands and blisters around her eyes and mouth

    Dog Health
    My 9 week old springer spaniel puppy has blisters around her mouth, her glands under her neck are swollen and she has lumps around her eyes. On Friday evening we believe she ate some ivy when my next door neighbour was looking after her. We took her to the vets on Saturday morning and she was...
  3. Sudden hair loss, sores, and blisters on snout, hind legs, tail, and anus

    Dog Health
    About a week ago I noticed my dog's hair has been falling out on her snout, hind legs, tail, and anus. She has been constantly licking and biting these areas since then. Now she has a red sore on her snout, blisters on her tail, and the hair loss has worsen. She receives both heart worm and...