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  1. Puppy Bathroom Habits

    New Additions
    I've had my 4 month old puppy for a month now, and his bathroom habits have gotten much better, as have I for recognizing his cues for when he needs to go (like standing by the door). Haven't had an accident inside in about a week. I've heard from multiple sources that a puppy can usually hold...
  2. help with struvite stones

    Dog Health
    My toy poodle Ripley is around 17, blind and deaf (age related). around 6 years ago he had struvite stones which blocked his urethra and he had to have emergency surgery. He's always had urinary problems, constant dripping so he always needs to wear a belly band. Had him checked when he had a...
  3. Our dog may require bladder surgery due to stones; need advice - alternatives?

    Dog Health
    Is the pain of hospitalisation and surgery worth the outcome? Do you have personal experience with more difficult surgeries on your dog? After going to 4 vets, we have learned that our little mix-breed rescue doggie has what is highly likely a bunch of stones rolling around (and also stuck) in...
  4. Sudden change in Indoor/Outdoor Preferences

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We adopted a 9 year old german shepherd mutt a year ago who has, for the most part, settled nicely into our family. When we first got him he seemed afraid of being in the backyard alone and would only relieve himself while on a walk on the leash. Then, as he got comfortable in our home he...
  5. Bladder Infection\ Bladder Stones HELP!

    Dog Health
    I'm new here... so thanks for any replies. My dog, Vikki [Toy Poodle- Chihuahua- Terrior Mix] 4 Years, started to show blood in her urine sometime around 9PM tonight. She was perfectly normal all day today.. She continues to behave normally except with wanting more attention than usual. She is...