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bladder stones

  1. Which food to prevent bladder stones?

    Dog Food
    My Maltipoo developed a bladder stone, but with the help of our vet and prescription dog food, it has now almost dissipated. Literature indicates that the prescription dog food should not be used on a long-term basis. In hopes that the bladder stone will not re-occur I am thinking that some...
  2. What food to give my dog after kidney stone surgery

    Dog Health
    My Poodle had a surgery 2 months ago to remove 3 bladder stone which is as big as 5cm. Vet suggested that she should be permanently on Science diet vet formula to prevent formation of new stone as the food helps to dissolve the stone as well. But i read the ingredient which contain of chicken by...
  3. Feeding for dog prone to bladder stones.

    Dog Health
    One of our new additions came to us with a very bad case of bladder stones (calcium oxalate I'm sure they were). He's back to normal after some surgery but the vet said he's best to stay on the Royal Canin urinary prescription food, forever. I'm wondering if anybody has experience of dogs with...
  4. Tips to prevent bladder stones?

    Dog Health
    I just brought my 4 year old Male Shih-Tzu to the vet this evening, and as the vet was checking his vitals, she mentioned that his bladder was soft- this apparently being a good sign in Shih-Tzu's as they have a pre-disposition to bladder stones. Hearing this really had me worried. My sister's...