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  1. Dog Breeds
    What you might not like about Cane Corso: A strong personality who needs a consistent and constant master in his requests. Need for authority without violence. Must be familiar with the maximum of possible situations from a very young age in order to be able to develop his faculties of...
  2. Dog Grooming
    I took my pomsky for grooming, and the groomer shaved him off completely due to a misunderstanding. His hair grew back now after 2 months, however it isn't as smooth and as black as it was before. What could i do to make it black and smooth like before.
  3. Dog Health and Food
    Today my dog's eye appeared to be bothering him slightly. I decided to see if maybe there was a foreign object causing him to squint. He doesn't seem to be in very much pain but his eye is a bit red and I've never noticed this black mark there before, any ideas of what this could be? Any help...
  4. Dog Grooming
    My dog is a beagle/dachshund mix and he has short black hair. He is an inside/outside dog and loves his cuddles. I haven't had too many problems with him before as far as grooming (he just got regular baths) but now he seems to shed everywhere. I'm constantly having to pick small black hair off...
  5. Dog Health and Food
    I got a neutered Chihuahua who's almost eight years old. I've had him since he was a few months old. He's a very reserved dog who's never attacked me. No past experiences of abuse. His appetite, up until recent months, had been normal. He's never been overweight, but he still ate often. It all...
  6. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Funny pet video from youtube. :thumbsup: Me playing with the family dog(Funny) - YouTube
  7. Dog Breeds
    So I have this dog, he is already almost 2 years old and I don't really know what his father is. I only know for sure that his mother is a pure black german shepherd. Anyone has any idea what the father could be? He seems to be very fun and playful as well as intelligent. Whenever we're...
  8. Dog Breeds
    i have a Black lab/GSD male, hes a year and four months, and has always been solid black, exept his back legs foot where his toes are white. now hes getting more white not much but little single white heirs around his body and face. ive owned him seince he was 2 months and this started in the...
  9. Dog Health and Food
    Dear All, :dog-cry: Two weeks ago my Chandra, a 7-years-old German Shepherd, went through a surgery to remove a black oval lump between the two digits of her left paw. The surgery went well and we sent the champ of the nodule for further examination. Today we received the result of her...
1-9 of 9 Results