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    I would like to start off first and say I LOVE this forum! So happy I found it and you all are so helpful and have great advice and input. My sister and I have been looking for a dog for a long time now. We were living in a loft type apartment and although it allowed dogs, it just didn't...
  2. Does Anyone Own a Black Lab/Shepherd/Husky Mix?

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    Vader was a stray puppy who found his way to us in October of 09. the vet thinks he is a Lab/shepherd/husky mix From what i have seen so far he is a VERY smart puppy and very loyal! just wondering if anyone has or had experience with this breed? he also RARELY barks he kind of huffs at...
  3. Christmas puppies! Shlabs or Labra-peis

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    Well my Shar pei had her puppies last night (on my couch! ) well they are so cute all is forgiven and the Couch will be going to the Dump soon, lol. My 4 year old has named them Jingle Bells (male)and Mary Christmas or Christmas Carol (the girl) I did not plan on theses babies but my 4 year old...