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  1. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi! Wanted to share a Etsy page I found. Ordered a custom phone case from there for my girlfriend. Royal Portraits of your favourite fluffy friends by RoyalBestie
  2. General Dog Discussion
    He grew up so fast! Getting a puppy was a gamble, but I'm pleased with how he's turned out so far. His energy level is a good match for us - he's not hyper or crazy, but still has plenty of energy for hikes and outdoor fun. Other than a slight fear of men (which he appears to be getting over)...
  3. Dog Art
    There is NO person who is more loving or loyal than your dog. Capture a moment in time, forever... I will create an original, hand-drawn work of art from a photo of your precious puppy. Watch the "behind the scenes" of how I created this puppy portrait of Reggie: Puppy Portraits in...
  4. Dog Pictures and Videos
    We don't know when her actual birthday is, but we know it's around mid-October, so decided she could share mine! :D Here's her loot...The cute thing is that as a puppy she had (and destroyed) a miniature version of the pink octopus, so it's very fitting she has a bigger one now! And her...
  5. General Dog Discussion
    I'm looking to get my pup a birthday cake as he turns 1 this month. I have found a great place that does liver, salmon, banana and all sorts in their cake. I'm a pretty regular person who doesn't tend to go overboard with the dog like dress him up or anything but I am into Birthdays and very...
  6. Cats
    My oldest kitty Friski just turned 9 years old! Just wondering if anyone else has actual birthday parties for their kitties! we don't have a HUGE party, but we decorate and invite a friend or 2 over! We're not sure when her ACTUAL birthday is but we know it's in March and we got her when I was...
  7. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Pickle turned 4 a few days ago. (May 18) so I celebrated by letting him unwrap his presents, then play with Macie, his little sister. He loved it! All his gifts unwrapped Macie came to play too. I love the look on his face in this one!
  8. General Dog Discussion
    Kind of a strange request, not expecting too many replies. My friend's birthday is coming up, and I want to get her something unique as a present. She loves golden retrievers, but unfortunately she's unable to own one at the moment. I posted on a Golden Retriever Forum and asked if anyone had...
1-8 of 8 Results