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bichon frise

  1. Can you please help suggest the right dog breed for me?

    New Additions
    Hello there DogForum, this is my first post, so sorry in advance for any mistakes or posting in the wrong forum. I have given months of long thoughts and research, and I believe I am ready for a dog. Now i have encountered another big dilemma. Finding the right breed. This is a little bit of...
  2. 14y/o Bichon Frise NEEDS HELP!!

    Dog Health
    My dog, Hannah, almost died last week after, i believe, ingesting something unknown. Had diarrhea and vomited everywhere. Brought her to the hospital and found out she had pancreatitis. She stayed for 6 days on IVs, but she would not eat anything until just recently, thank God! She’s has had...
  3. Bump appeared above dog's eye

    Dog Health
    Hi, I woke up yesterday and found a small red bump above my dog's eye. It doesn't seem to bother him at all or when I touch it, and it's not hard like there's something inside. The area seems to also have lost some hair. He couldn't have gotten bit by a tick or anything. I was told that my...
  4. Tear stains on adult Bichon Frise + white coat gets dirty too quick

    Dog Grooming
    Hey! my Bichon has horrible tear stains and I tried to clean them but they still. The vet prescribed eye drops and his eyes are better now, but still spotted. What could I do? I also have a Rat Terrier (he's black and white with light brown in his face) and he keeps clean for about a month, he...
  5. Bichon Frise feels uncomfortable with Rat Terrier

    New Additions
    Hello, I adopted a Bichon, he's a lovely with me, so well behaved, knows how to travel in car, won't enter to a room if you don't want him to (though he's always welcome) don't hmm pee or poo inside the house, he's really smart and loves doing tricks but what he loves the most is being hold in...
  6. Hello, new member in my dog family

    I had an Akita and then a Rat terrier, both were presents, my Akita passed away when I was like 10, he lived 15 years, my rattie was left alone, but grew up to be a playful, smart, loving and loyal dog, I love him. Recently I adopted a Bichon Frisé, I'm here to learn and share :)
  7. Absolutely lovely video of Pudsey

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Pudsey is a Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested powderpuff cross. He's quite famous in England and this video is actually scenes from his new movie! 'Pudsey: The Movie' Finds Britains' Got Talent Winner Speaking In Exclusive Lyric Video
  8. Dog full of knots

    Dog Grooming
    I went on vacation and I let my family friend's take care of my 8 month of Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Lhasa Apso mix and they owned a 2 year old Yorkie cross themselves. When I got my dog back, she was full of knots. For the past two days I've been trying to comb it out gently and...
  9. Desperately need help!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I have a 1 year old male Bichon Frise along with a 10 year old female cockapoo, and a 15 year old female Pomeranian. I am having a problem trying to stop my Bichon from marking all over the house. I have tried keeping him on his leash but it is impossible, as I work out of my house, to...
  10. Cockerpoo advice - closer to cocker spaniel?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, My wife and I have decided to get our first dog so the battle has started over which breed we would like to get. When I was young I had a golden Labrador which I loved but we have decided for now to get a smaller dog as it is only the two of us. I would like to get a cocker spaniel however...