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  1. Puppy’s bladder control issues

    Puppy Help
    We have a new puppy that we got a week ago, he used to be great at going outside but now he’s peeing inside the house again on a regular basis. We’ve gone back to taking him outside every 30 minutes but sometimes he holds it for two hours and sometimes he holds it for 20 minutes. I know he’s a...
  2. What breed is my dog? Bernese Mountain/Border Collie?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi all - thinking about adopting this little man. He is a mixed breed predicted to grow to 20-24kg when grown. There was the suggestion that he might have some Bernese Mountain dog. I am also wondering on ...
  3. Growth Charts

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello :) I have a beautiful 6 months old newfoundland dog named Pako and I checked on internet if I could find other growth charts of other newfoundland dog to compare with mine, even from other big breeds but I coudn't find much info :) If someone wish to share the growth chart of their...
  4. My Introduction

    Hi, My name is Robert and this is my Bernese Mountain Dog Loki, he is almost 9 months old: (although he's only about 6 months in the photo :P)
  5. Bernese puppy looking too thin even with enough feeding!?

    Dog Health
    I have a 4.5 month old Bernese mountain dog puppy (female). She is one of the few Berners that aren't fluffy from birth...her fur is much more shiny and short. Because of this it's really easy to see how thin she is! I feed her 2 cups of food twice a day (Hills Science Diet large breed puppy...
  6. Searching for Bernese/Dalmatian mix owners

    Dog Breeds
    Hi we recently adopted 14 week old Bernese mountain dog mix with Dalmatian. He is beautiful! We have searched the web high and low looking for info on these mixes but haven't found much. If anyone knows of or has a Bernese/Dalmatian we would love info and pics. I can't believe this is not...
  7. Our dog Bella and her problem areas; please advice.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have taken on a bit of a special mission. I'll tell the full story. Thirteen years ago my mother owned a bernese mountain dog which she loved and trained very well. She died of natural causes, and another six years passed without a dog at the farm I grew up on. Then after all the...