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  1. 6 mo rescue- Almost potty trained, prefers not to go outside.

    I recently got a rescue mutt, probably pit mix, about 2.5 weeks ago. He's been a great dog so far, very sweet, but I can't seem to completely potty train him. If I take him out often enough, he will go potty on command easily, no issues. But he does not want to go outside either by himself or...
  2. 4 month old accidents once daily

    We have a 4 and a half month old Cavapoo. We got her at 10 weeks and began crate training her. She has been housetraining so well. She was able to make it all night long, 5 hours in her crate during the day and 3-4 hours while in the house supervised. She has had almost no accidents for the...
  3. Puppy Training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is how I potty trained my loving toy poodle. So I decided to check out the bow wow button, cuz I heard they're pretty cool. You record a message and it plays it back when your dog hits it. So you know exactly what he wants when he wants it. I know you're thinking it was hard to train her to...
  4. Teaching dog to push a button

    Dog Training and Behavior
    If anyone has a dog that can target, touch, or paw something, you should check out these buttons at *removed* My papillon is really smart, and I started off bell training him to go outside. But then I found this button, you record a 10 second message in it, and when he pushes it you hear it...