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belgian malinois

  1. New boyfriends Belgian Malinois attacks me. Only me!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My new boyfriend has a 10 month old MALE Belgian Malinois. He's good with everyone, very friendly. When I go over, he jumps on me and nips at me. If my boyfriend leaves the room, the dog comes at me and chews my arm aggressively but looks playful. The more I try to get away and say "NO" the...
  2. My dog doesn't play with other dogs

    New Additions
    So i have a 5 month old Belgian Malinois, and I take him to the dog park everyday but he usually doesn't interact with the dogs. When a new dog comes up to him for the first time they sniff each other and once the dog comes back after a few minutes he tends to bark at them. He's very social with...
  3. Is my dog a Belgian Malinois? Mixed with a Ridgie?

    Dog Breeds
    Okay, so this is Aerie, and she's currently 9 months old, 21" at the shoulder, and about 50 pounds or so. Quite literally, she is characteristic of just about every mal description I've read about, with three exceptions: her ears rarely are fully erect, she's super aloof around strangers...
  4. Does anyone have two Beligan Malinois?

    New Additions
    Hi all, My husband and I have a wonderful 3 year old belgian malinois who is very well trained and pretty much the perfect dog for us (she keeps us active). We are thinking about getting another mal puppy from the same parents, but I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has experience with...
  5. Hello from a newbie

    Hello- I have two rescues: Chloe- Belgian Malinois/Australian Cattle Dog, (est. DOB April 2015) Willie- Tibetan Terrier/? Mix, (est. DOB November 2013) I got Chloe July 2015 and Willie April 2016. They have become very fond of each other in a short time. I have never had two dogs at once...
  6. A Shepherd dog lover picked a Belgian Malinois (First timer)

    Dog Breeds
    Hi guys, Im jhay, and my Malinois name is Chloe.. I signed up to this forum to see if someone could help me or teach me something about belgian malinois breed.. I am more concern about her weight gain per age at the moment, because she just got her 1st vaccine at 6 weeks old.. Any replies are...
  7. Belgian malinois discussion

    Dog Breeds
    Hi guys! I'm new here, I recently just owned a MAL. He is a good, playful Mal. I want to hear comments, helps, questions, and discussions about belgian malinois from other mal owners. I would also like to see your mal pictures. :) If this thread is against any existing forum rules, please...
  8. Amazing new breed!

    Dog Breeds
    I hope I don't get in trouble for reposting this. lol I seen this on Facebook this morning and I just had to pass it on. After many tries, these people over in England successfully bred a Belgian Malinois and a Siberian Husky in hopes of a new super guard dog. The only surviving pup out of...