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behavior problems

  1. It's like my dog wont learn at all ! HELP

    I'm having some issues with my 8 month old lasa apso, I'm not sure how this forum works, but I'm pretty sure this is how I post. I got him about 3 weeks ago now, as our building previously wasn't allowed dogs and changed the rules and now allows small dogs. I thought it was great for my 3 year...
  2. My in-laws dog snaps at people and they don't think it is a problem

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My future in-laws have a rat-terrier mix that has a growing aggression problem. I have grown up with dogs and absolutely love dogs but I cannot stand this one. I think my problem is more that my in-laws don't recognize the growing problem or think there is anything wrong with him. I have...
  3. New chihuahua puppy! My first small breed.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, my husband recently surprised me with the most adorable long haired Chihuahua puppy, whom I've named Koda (a.k.a Koda Bear) since I have been asking for a small breed for a couple years now. He's AKC registered and he was born on August 19th so he's almost 10 weeks old now! I've done some...
  4. My dog is an escape artist

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I adopted my Black and Tan Coonhound, Lucy, almost a month ago. My previous dog was a Blue Tick, so I feel like I am not a novice when it comes to coonhounds. However, Lucy has taken to digging furiously when we are not around and managing to escape (I'm just thankful she is microchipped!!)...
  5. rescue dog growls at dad????!!!!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Two days ago I brought home a foster dog and we are doing a two week adoption trial to see if he fits into our family. We have four other dogs and he does well with them, however he growls and lifts his lips at my dad when he comes into my room if I'm in it and near him. The dog is one year old...
  6. border collie herding instinct and insecurity

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I have a 7-year old border collie/ausie mix male with behavioral problems. Bobas is a sweet, very devoted dog but he is very insecure and charges at other dogs. It creates problems. I can’t take him anywhere where other dogs might be. I tried two different trainers but Bobas doesn’t...
  7. Rescue dog with separation anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello :) So I'm having some...trouble with my dog. A bit of background. I got my dog from a local rescue back in April of this year (April's fools day, interestingly). What I was told about him: 7-8 years old, neutered, good with dogs/cats/children, house trained, quiet, easy-going, but has a...
  8. My rescue dog snaps aggressively at house visitors

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Some back-story: About two months ago, I adopted a handsome German Shepherd mix from animal control, they were about to put him down because of his age. He's around 6 years old, I don't know much about his past because he apparently came in as a stray. But he's housebroken, knows stay, and now...
  9. Dog Snapping Behavior - Can I Stop It?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, there! I have a chihuahua/terrier mix that I adopted about 7 years ago. When I first adopted her, she was a little over a year old and was very sweet. However, I've noticed that as she has gotten older (she is now 8 years old), she has started to snap. She has never even left teeth marks...
  10. My Dog is Behaving strange

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Please could you spend time and help me as the last couple my dog has been behaving different to his usual self. More confident like he is a human. So one day I recorded footage after I left home of him in the garden. Please enjoy and have a laugh.
  11. Yorkie recently started being aggressive towards dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My yorkie (Caillou) is a year and eight months. He has always been around a lot of people and around dogs (dog parks & neighbor dogs) and always been super friendly. About 6 weeks ago he started being aggressive towards other dogs and growling at people. What concerns me most is the way he...
  12. Slight Emergency With Two New Great Danes And Sudden Agression With Our Cats

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So, to start off we recently adopted(about 4 days ago) two Great Danes(came as a pair) who are approximately 3 and 4 years old. One is male-Zeus, the other female-Mila. We already have two other dogs-one male and one female who we have had since they were puppies. We also have cats at home, all...
  13. My dog scratches my butt hysterically!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Every time that I sit down my dog tries to dig a hole on my butt. I don't understand this behavior. He doesn't do this with anybody else, only me!! And I swear I don't smell bad haha. I don't know if I should go to the doctor? or something, I could have worms? or something like that? I know dogs...
  14. Interaction between older dog and puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a female, 9-year-old Rat Terrier, Frankie. She's been my baby since we got her as a puppy. She's high-strung and prefers to be with us than with other dogs. We now have a female, 11-week-old bulldog/pug puppy, Lily. We introduced them on neutral ground and made sure that Frankie got fed...
  15. Sudden mood and behavior change - more needy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my first time posting, so please forgive me if my post is a little "noobish", but I have a problem and have not been able to find help online: I have a 3 year old male terrier-mix who I adopted when he was a few months old. Lately (the last week), he has been very needy, clingy, and...
  16. Changed behavior with people in past week.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I've noticed the last week Zeus has been skittish about things. Any little noise he starts growling. We will have visitors over and he instantly run towards them with an aggressive bark and growl with his tail pinned a Moe hawk sticking up down his back. He looks very intimidating. He never used...
  17. Please Help... I'm at a Loss

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I hope this is in the right forum... I don't know where else to go. I've been researching the topic, but I can't find anything that describes my situation exactly. I have a 7 year old toy rat terrier who has been house trained since she was a puppy. My boyfriend moved in with us in July. In...
  18. dog got out of crate

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We recently adopted a 2 year old beagle/hound mix. While we know very little about his history, he clearly has had training, listens to basic commands and is very well behaved overall. We've been letting him roam the house while we're home and awake. He sleeps in our bedroom in a dog bed...
  19. HELP! We're at wits end!! =(

    Dog Health
    :( So we have a 7 month old puppy (we think a corgi mutt). She has recently in the past two weeks started to act up. She cries all the time, and not just crying but screaming and yelping like she's in excruciating pain. But the thing is that she does it even when we have barely touched her. We...