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  1. Could Your Dog and Cat Benefit from Free Behavioural Support?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Cats and Dogs At War - A Casting Call Do your fluffy fur-balls need some extra support at home? Are your pets becoming enemies rather than forming the perfect pet partnership? At Gobstopper TV, we're looking to help pet owners in need of tranquility from their rambunctious cats and dogs with...
  2. Sudden Nonstop Whining at Night

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’ve had my poodle chihuahua mix, Bella, for around 7 years now, and never had too serious of a problem with whining at night. At night, we normally lock her in the large garage and she sleeps on the couch in there. Before, when we locked her up for the night, she would test us by whining for...
  3. How do I fix my puppy's bad habits?

    Puppy Help
    Now I take full responsibility for my puppy's poor habits mainly due to the lack of time put into training, but now I really need to crack down and start correcting some of the bad habits I've let her fall into. For starters my Puppy's name is Nala. She's an 8 month old black lab mix, we...
  4. Sudden Behavior Changes.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I have a 1 1/2 year old female German Shepherd who sleeps in bed with me every night. The other day, out of nowhere, when I shut my bedroom door, she had a sudden anxiety attack, scratching at my window and door trying to get out. Once I let her out of my room, she sleeps in the hallway or...
  5. Dogs behavior changed - Wont walk!! :(

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have a morkie (maltese/yorkie) and she will be 3 years old in august. I recently moved to Hawaii the beginning of January and everything was fine. I was taking her out for walks 2 to 3 times a day and she was doing her business. She still had accidents in the house sometimes. For...
  6. Sudden change in dog's behavior towards owners

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi there, A bit about my dog Rollo: He's a year and 4 month old Chihuahua mix. Generally nervous and anxious about most things, except for his parents (boyfriend & I). I adopted him when he was just 6 weeks from the county shelter. He was neutered at 6 weeks as well. (Not by my choice, they...
  7. When (if ever) is re-homing a good option?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all. PLEASE share any experiences you have or expertise -- We have an 18 mo. old-2.5 year old (we think) mix who we've rescued and have had nearly 9 months. For the first months of having her, we went to the dog park frequently, attended doggy day care, and was friendly to everyone we met...
  8. My dog is out of control. Help please?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I have a GSD, his name is Zak and he's just around 1.5 years old now. Let me tell you a little backstory; I've always wanted a GSD. From 'researching' the breed since I was around 9 to finally getting one now at 16 years old. (7 WEEKS) My parents finally gave in and we found great...
  9. Change in Dog Behavior - Pacing, Crying, Avoidance, more - seeking advice

    Dog Health
    My friends dog Osi is still not getting better. Osi is a big - loving and athletic pit mix who is about 8 years old. She has been taken to 3 different vets, and put on 4 different pills. Symptoms are constant pacing, panting, shaking/trembling, crying and avoiding contact... Doesn't really want...