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  1. Hey there, we're new!

    My name is Azalea, but friends call me Lia. I have dog and her name is Well a, she's beauceron, born in December 2019. I'm glade to be with you! Wella is a smart, kind, amazing, intelligent and loyalty dog šŸ„° We're from Russia and in my country there are not so many beaucerons.
  2. Is my beauceron female too little? (Photo)

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    She's 9 months old, 24in and 44lbs. Photo 1 Photo 2 My high on these photos 70in My own language is Russian, so I'm sorry for my spelling errors.
  3. Which dog would be better for me?

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    Hello! I'm having some serious issues deciding what kind of dog I want. So I guess I'll give you some information about me and my situation to make it easier to understand and judge it all. And I'm really sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this in! So I'm an 18 year old girl, I have...