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  1. A new 7 week old Beagle... Please help?

    New Additions
    So, just last week, I got a 7 week old beagle. I didn't think much of it when my parents warned about the yelping and the whining and all of that stuff. I figured, "Hey, I can handle that. It can't be too bad." Keep in mind, this is my first dog on my own. I've had one before, but I was young...
  2. Pet Portraits in Pen

    Dog Art
    Here is my latest commission, this is Monty, the 2 year old Beagle, hope you like him! :) All my pet portraits are drawn in biro pen, and they take me about 20 hours to complete! Feel free to visit my page, I take commissions. Thank you! :) Love Amber Marie
  3. 2 yr old beagle adopted from shelter, can't walk on leash

    Hi, so I just adopted a 2 yr old beagle from the animal shelter yesterday, but I'm not sure how to housetrain him. The employee said that he appears housetrained, but I want to help him refresh his memory and start a daily routine. He is currently in his crate sleeping right now, but once it's...
  4. Beagle or Treeing Walker?????

    Dog Breeds
    When we bought her at 9wks old...seller said she got her from an AKC Beagle breeder. But couldn't supply paperwork as she never went "in to get them" Which I still don't know what she meant....She looked like a Beagle until... As she grows we noticed she is very tall and long with a long tail...
  5. HELP! My dogs' barking is driving me CRAZY

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I am in serious need of help here friends. Both of my dogs' barking is driving me up the wall, I swear I'm gonna go crazy! -deep breath- okay, here's the deal: Dog 1 - Bandit: Sweet baby Jesus this boy. My biggest problem with him is that every single morning, without fail, I let him outside...
  6. older dog urinating on clothes

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 14 year old beagle urinates a lot. Typically it's on the floor in our bathroom (we keep our dogs dishes in there as we have a 2 year old daughter). She's never left in the bathroom long and seems to think her bladder is the size of a pea and needs to go out the moment she's finished drinking...
  7. beagle uncontrollable on leash

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I adopted a seven year old beagle, Shasta, last year and she was apparently never trained to walk on a leash. She ambles along in typical beagle fashion when we're out walking until she spots another dog. Then she pulls really hard on the leash in the direction of the other dog and starts to...
  8. Beagle puppy constant biting hands and clothes

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone. I have a 3 1/2 month Beagle that sometimes can get quite annoying with people around him (children as well). He keeps biting everyone constantly even when he is reprimended. Currently I keep on saying "NO" and "shoooshh!!" and when he bites with extra force I try to make a loud...
  9. Separation anxiety in deaf beagle

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a three year old beagle who is either hard of hearing or deaf. He can "hear" low noises like when a motorcycle drives by the house, but we are not sure if that is from the vibration or not. We adopted him from a local shelter and love him to pieces. Of course like most beagles he is...
  10. My beagle won't stop barking.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need some advise. We recently moved from a town house to a home with a big backyard. It has a lot of trees which unfortunately have a large population of squirrels. My beagle who is just a little over a year is so excited about tracking these animals. She can't wait to go out in the...
  11. Is my beagle puppy purebred???

    Dog Breeds
    HI, i bought a beagle puppy like 4 months ago and the puppy is 6 months ,can i please know if my pup is purebred or not as some people say it is not:eyeroll: and as beagles howl , ive never heard my dog howl so i wanna know if its purbred or not:):)
  12. Dog Eats Dinner When It's Served As A Treat

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my second post, but I've been a huge fan of these forums and the people on them - you guys give excellent advice, and have given me a ton of great advice on training my 1.5 year old Jack Russell/Beagle rescue (his name is Burly). Here's a new question: We've had Burly for about 2 months...
  13. Hello! Nice to meet you all.

    Hello fellow dog lovers! New to the forum. I have four dogs: a black Standard Poodle named Echo, a Great Dane named Mojo, a Beagle named Daisy, and a Mutt named Bella or Belle depending which member of the family you ask. Glad to meet y'all!:thumbsup:
  14. Hello Everybody!

    Hi everyone - thought id introduce myself! My name is Kate and I am the owner of a 2 year old beagle, Mollie, and an 11 month old cockapoo called Dexter. (Photos to come soon!) I am very enthusiastic about dogs and after seeing this forum, I couldn't help but join - I look forward to posting :)
  15. Weimaraner, Beagle breeder.

    Working Dogs
    Hello guys, Im new to the forum. I have just finished my website and would love to know what you guys think? Honey's Hound's I show and breed Beagles and Weimaraners in Essex, UK
  16. Help us determine our pup's breed

    Dog Breeds
    We adopted our pup, Pecas (Spanish for freckles), when he was nearly 8 weeks old from a shelter. They could only figure that he is a Beagle mix. But he doesn't have the traditional beagle coloring, he has red and white coloring with red ticking. He seems to share certain characteristics with...
  17. 2 sisters, Beagle and a Shepherd, Fighting over a squeeky toy!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    The Adventures of Maya and Kaya Ep.1 - YouTube Check out this video of my girlfriends dogs as they fight over a squeeky toy! clear mismatch size
  18. Sixteen year old Beagle question...

    Dog Health
    My sixteen year old Beagle (whom has had a cancerous liver tumor for over four years now, is deaf, and losing sight in one eye) has an unsatisfiable appetite, that I fear might be more related to pain, than hunger. Due to his liver (bile) problems, he has constant bouts of diarrhea, which I...
  19. Spaniel/Beagle Mix temperament?

    Dog Breeds
    After my beloved cat passing away Ive decided to get a puppy. After lots of research and looking at many breeders I've decided to adopt a puppy from a rescue. One puppy certainly stood out to me. His name is Ruger. He is listed as Spaniel/Beagle Mix. Does anyone own one or know their...