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  1. Dog Breeds
    Molly wandered up as an abused stray/abandoned pupper. She's around 40lbs and has the typical beagle pattern as well as black and tan freckles on all her white fur. She's a talkative handsy little girl that will chase anything small or quick, and she is fast. Like super fast. She's just as agile...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello and thank you for reading :) I got my chihuahua / beagle mix from a local animal shelter about a year ago. She's a very good dog, mostly obedient, she's also pretty smart (we counted, she knows 37 words). However, there's just one problem. Ever since I got her, she has not pottied in...
  3. Dog Breeds
    We adopted our pup, Pecas (Spanish for freckles), when he was nearly 8 weeks old from a shelter. They could only figure that he is a Beagle mix. But he doesn't have the traditional beagle coloring, he has red and white coloring with red ticking. He seems to share certain characteristics with...
1-3 of 3 Results