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  1. Soap vs Shampoo

    Dog Grooming
    What's the difference between dog soap and shampoo? When to use one from the other. Which is better? thank you, :)
  2. Siberian Husky Cries and Resists Bathing

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our year old Siberian Husky female goes "bonkers" when we being bathed by a professional groomer. She seems to hate water and resists bathing with a passion. I don't know whether this is an issue with bathing that's common with this breed or just part of her individual personality. While...
  3. My dog has bathing anxiety now

    Dog Grooming
    *There is a quite a bit to read, just to help explain what happened :)* I adopted my dog from an Animal Shelter when she was roughly 8 weeks old. & I instantly started training her. She actually LOVES water! She loves water so much, I got her a kitty pool one summer, and she played in it all...
  4. Dog groomers?

    Dog Grooming
    i would like to get my Dogs groomed this late fall, early winter. and i was wondering whats an average price to pay for two large dogs? i have a Male Stud, year and 3 months, black lab/german shepared 25-26 inches tall and over 90 pounds, not long hair more like a lab coat. also a 9-10...